Hi! I'm Adelle. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, went to college in LA, started my family in Campbell, California and transplanted to New Hampshire six years ago. TBH, I feel like I'm finally home. I’ve worked in marketing for the last 25 years, helping clients and brands find their voice and tell their story. Meanwhile, as my own family emerged, I found my own. I share this life with my husband Gabe, and our two teenage sons.

After School Job for Teens on the Seacoast – Where Do We Start?

Landing their first job is a landmark moment in the life of any teen — right after getting their driver's license! Whether learning how to manage money, wait tables or run a cash register,...

Hearty, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Winter Soups

If you are anything like me, cooking is a seasonal activity. In the summer, I can't bear to be standing over the stove, preferring salads and fresh produce as much as possible. But in...

Turning Attitude Into Gratitude: 4 Ways to Help Your Child Be Thankful

Seriously?! Again?? It was the eighth pair of dirty socks I had discovered on the living room floor that week. I am so done with dirty laundry! My kids don't appreciate anything I do. The...

A Love Letter to My Strong-Willed Child

My sweet, dimpled, darling, strong-willed child, How many nights have I fallen into bed, exhausted from the day's battles? How many nights have I lain awake at 3 am, worrying about you and that temper,...
dog-friendly spaces

Dog-Friendly Spaces (For Your Four-Legged Kids)

Pooches, like kids, need their exercise and time outside in the open air. When it comes to dog-friendly spaces on the Seacoast, there are many choices! Plus, my kids always have more fun outdoors...

The Curse of Thursdays For the School-Aged Child

  Now that your kids have been in school for a month or more, you may have already begun to notice the subtle (or not so subtle) signs. You've seen a pattern. You may have...
Ashley Shea Photography

Guide to a Stress-Free Professional Family Photo Shoot: Ashley Shea Photography

The first time we tried a professional family photo was less than ideal. We had in-laws in town and wanted to capture the moment. My then 3-year-old was not digging the concept. Standing still...
80s Movie Night

Awesome 80s Family Movies To Watch (Again) With Your Kids

It's family movie night. You're all sitting in front of the TV with your pizza, and the inevitable question arises: "What should we watch?" Rather than re-running yet another Pixar, try something from this...

7 Time-Saving Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks For Busy Working Moms

There are simply not enough hours in the day to do it all, and working moms feel the crunch even more so. These simple time-saving tips can help ease your stress and stretch the...

Time Savers for Busy Moms: Making Meal Prep Easy

"What's for dinner, Mom?" It's a question I've come to dread. It seems like no matter how much I plan, I'm still behind the eight ball when it comes to weekly meal prep. I...
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