Allison’s mission in life is to notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. Her commitment to see beyond what’s in front of her was fostered by her degree in Philosophy and Theology from Boston College. Allison’s a book nerd and credits her parents and inspiring English teachers for her love of reading and writing. She went on to earn her Master in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College and then taught high school for several years, both in New England and San Francisco. After moving from San Francisco to Boston with her engineer husband, she began teaching yoga and working as a social media marketing consultant. Now a Portsmouth resident, she spends most of her days with her three daughters (she does not have enough arms) and does her best to find the bliss amidst the endless snacking, dance parties and tiaras. With all the beautiful chaos in her life, she’s grateful to have her partner-in-crime (husband Charlie) and fellow movie quote enthusiast alongside her. Her passion for writing first drew her to Seacoast Moms as a contributing writer, and her desire to connect moms of the Seacoast with businesses who serve and interest them led her to become SM’s owner. Being able to write about the ordinary grace present in motherhood, while interacting with incredible Seacoast business owners is a dream come true.
gun violence

Mass Shootings As A Sign Of Normalcy? Then I Miss Lockdown

2 mass shootings (that drew national attention) within a week. Are we getting back to normal here in the United States? Are mass shootings a sign of normalcy? I'm afraid so. Let me be...

Seacoast Moms Presents Easter Bunny House Visits 2021

Hippity Hoppity . . . the Easter Bunny's on his way! Seacoast Moms, together with Acorn School, is thrilled to offer Easter Bunny visits! On Saturday and Sunday, March 27th and 28th, the Easter Bunny...
Woman holding herself in front of a toilet-- incontinence - Seacoast Urogynecologist

Stop Peeing Your Pants – This Seacoast Urogynecologist Can Help

"I just peed a little!", she squealed as she laughed and laughed at her good friend's joke. And they all erupted in fits of laughter because of how relatable her incontinence was. It was...
hands cupped over another pair of hands, holding a heart upside down

Normalize Unromantic Gifts this V Day: 4 Ideas to Woo Your Partner

We all know what Valentine's Day is "supposed" to look like. It's been marketed to us since we were little! Will you be my Valentine? means showering your beloved in romance. And romance means: Roses....
the back girl in a short plaid skirt - reminiscent of Britney Spears (#FreeBritney Movement)

Why Moms Should Care About the #FreeBritney Movement

I was a junior in high school when "Hit Me Baby One More Time" came out. The guys in my class went nuts for this beautiful young woman dressed in a Catholic school uniform,...
albeit macht frei sign at Aushwitz - International Holocaust Remembrance Day

What We’ve Forgotten this Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I didn't know until 3pm thanks to mindless scrolling on social media. Particularly because I am in charge of the editorial calendar for this site, days like this...

No We Won’t Stay in Our Lane, Thank You Very Much.

Every time a mommy blogger is told to "stay in her lane", an Internet troll gets his wings. Wait, is that the saying?  So then, what IS the proper "lane" for caregivers and parents raising the...

Seacoast Moms’ Top 10 Posts of 2020: Take a Look Back

We're all eager to say BYE FELICIA to 2020. But before we do, let's take a look back on Seacoast Moms' most visited posts of 2020.  1. 5 Covid-19 Inspired Drinks for Coping with the...

Seacoast Moms Presents Cookies & Cocoa with Santa

It's happening! If you've been wondering where to see Santa on the Seacoast this year, we are here for you! Together with Jay Iannini State Farm in Seabrook, Seacoast Moms is thrilled to tell...
heart and brain on a seesaw - mental health or academic performance

It’s Mental Health or Academic Performance – You Can’t Have Both

My toddler cries at the front door. Mom, I want to go OUTSIDE. It's a beautiful day -- the perfect temperature. Yet, I look down at her and my heart sinks. I want to go, too....
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