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Unhappy woman on bed.

Mom Confession: I Have a Higher Sex Drive than My Husband

This is a tale of two libidos. Well, two mismatched libidos. Society assumes men have the stronger sex drive. Movies, online and a simple google search show that this is often the case. However,...

The Uninvolved Grandparent: Coping with the Disappointment

Parenting isn't easy. An uninvolved grandparent adds to that difficulty. For over a decade, I've questioned my parenting. Even doubted my marriage. I have also doubted my own worth. Now, I have come to...

My Child’s Late Autism Diagnosis: One Mom’s Story

  My daughter has always been quirky, but the last thing we expected before her 12th birthday was a late autism diagnosis. As a toddler, she was engaging and happy, always smiling, except when we didn't...
A Letter to My Husband's Girlfriend

An Open Letter to My Husband’s Girlfriend

To My Husband's Girlfriend, You don’t know me. Well, not personally. You know what my husband has told you about me. So let me tell you a little about me and my relationship with him. I...
special needs mom

An Open Letter From a Special Needs Mom in a Season of Celebrations

Dear Friends, The photos from graduation turned out great. I'm happy for you. I truly am. Your kids have done so well, and the look on their face was that of someone ready to head...
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