Cindy Khoury

16 POSTS 1 COMMENTS Cindy & her husband Gary have been together for over 20 years. A zillion kids, moves and careers later, they are exhausted, survive on turbo coffee and need a lot of makeup + retail therapy. Ok 1/2 true, Gary doesn’t wear makeup. Cindy and Gary have 4 children and currently reside in the Seacoast area of NH. Cindy has lived in 6 states and worn many hats over the years: Les Mills and YogaFit instructor, personal trainer, dental hygienist, bookkeeper, owner of Cindy Khoury Properties LLC, and United States Air Force Veteran. She is a style & life influencer who loves boutiques, online shopping with free returns and a clean organized home. Feminine, classic and timeless would describe her style. If she could wear a dress and high heels every day, she would. The lisianthus & orchids are her two favorite flowers. She loves working out with Les Mills On Demand, watching hummingbirds and laying in the sun. Golf is her newest hobby. (Do not go golfing with her.) Cindy also loves her bed, a lot, haha. She is the lowest energy, high-performing person you’ll ever meet. Working smarter is her strength. Her current struggle right now is convincing the kids why they do not need a dog. Any support, help or collaboration with this is welcome.
How to not look tired

Easy Ways to Look Less Tired

We are tired. And it's written all over our faces. All the gratitude journals, the "girl you got this" mantras and positive energy are KEY. Over and over. Just trying to get our positive emotional...
Outdoor Lifestyle

5 Things We Use for Outdoor Living and Entertaining

As I walked outside carrying a tray of drinks and snacks, I thought, wow, how many occasions has this easy setup served our family and friends? Hundreds, definitely! As the Labor Day Sales approach,...
Being Asian on the Seacoast During COVID-19

On Being Asian on the Seacoast During COVID-19

It is early in the morning, right after the store opened. There is barely anyone shopping, which feels both eerie and peaceful, especially during this time of social distancing with our families and all...

My 3 Secrets of Personal Care

I have secrets . . . and it's time to share them! I have close friends who already know my 3 secrets of personal care. They agree--they're just too good to keep quiet. These...

The Truth About Dry Needling

Have you tried Dry Needling? ?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️ Is it what you expected? Were there any surprises, good or bad? And how would you describe dry needling to a friend who's considering it for the first...

The Beauty of Civility: Inner Beauty Makeover

The ways to be civil are endless. As a life and style contributor, I enjoy sharing ways to improve your health and appearances. My posts often encourage you to find your own personal style...

How To Turn One Basic Outfit Into Five Amazing Looks

"I need a new wardrobe!" we've all said standing in the closet feeling blah with nothing to wear. But before you go out and break the bank, check out these ideas on how to turn...
Restaurants with a fireplace on the Seacoast - wine and glass in front of fire

Winter Date Ideas: Restaurants with a Fireplace on the Seacoast

What can make a chilly fall and winter feel so cozy? Answer: Dining by a radiant, warm fire at one of the restaurants with a fireplace on the Seacoast. Its beautiful light and curling flames...
fall jackets and sweaters

Essential Fall Jackets Under $50

When it comes to style, transition seasons bring out the best and worst in me. These moments of weather transitions are the best because I love extending my summer clothing. I pair my faves with...

It’s Time: Cleaning the Most Germ-Ridden Things You Own

On our 107th "back to school" trip to Staples this week, I was shooting the breeze with my one of new red polo shirt besties (I am now like this ?? with the entire...