Devin Boussu

Devin was born and raised on the Seacoast. She currently lives right over the border in Massachusetts with her husband and five year old son.(puppy pending) Having worked in the medical field in some form or another her whole career, she is currently adapting to her newest job title since COVID-19:stay at home mom. She felt a pull towards the opportunity to write for Seacoast Moms to be a voice in normalizing all the craziness that comes alone with motherhood. She loves home decor, is happiest by the water, a chocolate lover through and through, believes dancing it out can turn a day around & is always up for adventure! She attempts to always find the joy in life’s simple things, but feels that traveling and making memories with her family is what matters most of all.

A Woman’s Identity: Who Are You Outside of Motherhood?

“I’m not just defined but what you see, I’m also defined by what you will never see.” This was a quote from a compelling show I watched on Hulu last night. (In and Of Itself...
Woman eating popcorn on couch - best shows you aren't watching

The 10 Best Shows You Aren’t Watching and Where To Stream Them

Have you hit the end of Netflix? Looking for a new show to get sucked in to after the kids go to bed? You’ve probably heard of all the hit shows your friends ARE...

Christmas Traditions: Fun Ways to Make New Memories Together

Hi, Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite holiday tradition?!”  I am a die hard Christmas lover! You could say I have Christmas in my blood. I decorate “ too early” and am the “all I...

Frustration, Grief and Mental Health: Ghosts of a Pandemic Christmas

“BAH HUMBUG”, she cried out as we discussed the upcoming holiday season. As I hung up the phone with a friend, I thought of a handful of conversations I’d recently had. Three friends of...
hands reaching up into the air volunteering with your kids on the Seacoast

How To Involve Your Kids in Giving Back on the Seacoast – and Beyond

The season of giving is right around the corner! Now is a great time to volunteer with your kids on the Seacoast - and beyond. 2020 is challenging for a whole mess of reasons....
asking for help in motherhood

Learning to Ask for Help With Motherhood — I Learned the Hard Way

Why is it so hard for mothers to ask for help? I remember my husband lowering me into our bed, leaking breasts, dozing in and out. Grimacing with pain, I couldn’t tell which was worse. The...
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