Hello, I’m Erin! I live in Nottingham, NH with my husband, three-year-old daughter, and our dapper Australian Shepherd, (Bill) Murray. I’m a Holistic Nutritionist practicing on the seacoast. I am passionate about food quality, self care, non-toxic living, yoga (I’m a certified teacher), and 90s rap music. I love to learn (I hold a B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics, and am currently studying to become an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner), teach (I educate clients privately, run online group nutrition programs, and lead workshops), cook (when it comes to food, this girl is crafty like ice is cold), and write (my blog is rife with recipes, health musings and nutrition guidance). As an eating disorder survivor and autoimmune disease warrior, I want to help other women feel good in their bodies. I’ve won the battles, and I promise you can, too. You can learn more about me and what I do on my website,
healthy breakfast for kids

Healthy Breakfast Recipe for Kids: Gluten-Free and Nut-Free Cookies

We’ve been told for what feels like centuries that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. All this old adage does for me is provide fuel for my mom guilt on the...
healthy kid snacks

A Nutritionist’s Guide to Healthy Kid Snacks

The advice we receive about healthy food for kids rarely mentions food source, quality, and nutrient density. A quick google search for “healthy kid snacks” leads you to lists of processed cheese, sugar, and...

Natural Cold And Flu Prevention For Your Family

My daughter started preschool this fall. Pro: we have amazing teachers willing to parent my kid for six hours a week. Con: we’re exposed to lots of extra germs. You mamas know the drill:...
artificial sweeteners

Mama, Put Down The Diet Coke: Health Threats Of Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are ubiquitous in our food system. Food manufacturers add them to sodas, energy and sports drinks, protein powders, health bars, yogurt, gum, candy, and pharmaceuticals (including syrups and antibiotics for children). Artificial...
healthy kid snacks

Five (Truly) Healthy Kid Snacks, Part One

I’m jumping into the heart of the subject right out of the gate: kids eat a lot of refined carbohydrates. Goldfish, cereal, bread, frozen waffles, boxed mac n’ cheese, breaded chicken fingers…sound familiar? These...

8 Easy & Healthy Lunches For Busy Moms On The Go

Nowadays it seems like each season can receive the stamp of “busy”. Fall: back to school craziness! Winter: holiday craziness! Spring: graduation/end of school craziness! Layer in sports and work and social obligations..and I’m...
DIY acai bowls

DIY Acai Bowls: How To Make Them At Home

Nothing makes you feel like you’re on a surf trip or yoga retreat more than eating an acai bowl (well, except for maybe surfing and yoga). A cross between eating ice cream and drinking...

When Your Husband Gains Baby Weight: Getting Your Partner Fit Again

The Baby Weight. That’s a big one, right? How to prevent it, how to lose it, how to come to terms with it. This stuff is all over stork sites, mom blogs and rag...
safe sunscreen

Safe Sunscreen Guide: What To Use, What To Avoid & Why

It feels like we’re in a lose-lose situation when it comes to the sun. We’re scared of it, we’re scared of sun cancer and now we’re also scared of sunscreen because it just might...
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