Heidi Emmons

Heidi Emmons
Hi, my name is Heidi. I was born and raised on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and I still believe I’m a mermaid. If I’m not in the water or on the water, I’m wishing I was. I’m a single mom with three kids who are twenty-three, twelve and I’m a foster mom to my soon to be adopted sixteen year old. I’ve been widowed, divorced, and have found there is life and happiness after tragedy. I’ve learned to thrive with my children thanks to the support of my family, friends, and community. As a middle school science teacher, I love to inspire my kids and get them excited about science. I’m also a science curriculum developer, and love to use my twisted humor to write about my crazy beautiful life.
lineup of masks from big to small -- preparing kids to go out during a pandemic

5 Tips for Preparing Kids to Go Out During a Pandemic

  Sometimes We Have to Go Out As a single mom, I have to bring my kids out with me a lot. When they were little and couldn’t stay home alone, they came with me to...
Getting kids into STEM

Getting your Kids into STEM with Citizen Science Projects

There are thousands of STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers available and yet there are not enough people to fill the positions. As a scientist and a science teacher, I've had my own struggles...
Exterior of Dough Craft Pizza in Portsmouth

Dough Craft Pizza in Portsmouth Makes the Whole Family Happy

Last week, I took my family to Dough Craft Pizza in Portsmouth. My family consists of me, my son (11) and my two daughters (16 and 23). Some of us are picky, some of...

Why We Will Celebrate the Day of the Dead – Especially This Year

Our family celebrates Day of the Dead on November 2nd each year. We celebrate to remember my daughter’s Latino father who passed away in 2001, when she was four, of an opioid overdose. We...

My Crooked Path to the Family I Always Wanted

I always wanted a big family. As an only child, I begged my parents for siblings relentlessly. I loved my cousins' big families and I always had such a fun time when I was...
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