Holly Hussey

Hello! I'm Holly. I spent half of my life in North Carolina, where I developed a love of food and college basketball simultaneously while studying for a modern east asian history final at UNCC. Since moving to the seacoast, I'd say i've had a series of rather fortunate events. I am a wife to an Air Force veteran, a mom of two kids and a super happy golden retriever. In 2018, I quit a career trajectory that did not fill my bucket to be a stay at home mom. The things that do fill my bucket include cooking, random Spice Girl sing alongs with my kids in the car, and bringing our house out of the 80's through several both successful and unsuccessful DIY projects. You'll find me on the field, coaching my kids various rec sports, as well as helping them blaze their own trail in the scouting world. My world right now is family centered, and it's absolutely perfect for me.
Portsmouth Indoor Pool

Getting My Reluctant Child in the Water

Growing up in the south, swimming was second nature. I joined a swim team, and looked forward to pretending I was a mini Olympian for three months every Summer. When I had kids, I...

Talking to Kids About Difficult Topics: 3 Tips That Work For My Family

I gave my kids an extra squeeze and told them I loved them before I sent them to school today. "Mommy, why are your eyes watering?" My 5 year old daughter asked me. I...
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