I live in South Berwick, Maine and I'm a part time hair stylist and full time mom to my four and two year old sons. My favorite things to do include, reading, online shopping, yoga, and snuggling with my family at the end of a long day. I also volunteer for a local animal rescue and have welcomed around 20 dogs (so far!) into our home while they waited for their forever families. I live for girls' nights with my besties and Netflix nights with my hubby--each preferred paired with a delicious wine and cheese. Motherhood has been a mysterious, challenging, empowering, and messy ride so far. I strongly believe in cultivating a sisterhood of confidantes to survive and even thrive in this crazy phase of life.
Toddler Classes on the Seacoast

Your Guide to the Best Toddler Classes on the Seacoast

Wondering how to tire your kids out enough so that they give you the Holy Grail of every mom's day: a nice, long nap? We suggest enrolling your children in some Seacoast toddler classes....

Boothbay Harbor: A Mid-Coast Maine Getaway

When you live in a region with an abundance of incredible destinations, it’s easy to take for granted the unique traveling opportunities right under your nose. I am guilty of missing out on some...

4th of July Tips, Tricks and Where to See Fireworks on the Seacoast

America's birthday is just around the corner and we're here to tell you where to see fireworks on the Seacoast. Practically every Seacoast town has a display and we want to help you do...
Summer Wardrobe feel confident

Feel Confident: 5 Summer Wardrobe Pieces for Your Summer Body

If you're like me, you have mixed feelings every year when summer rolls around. Yay, summer's finally here, but what am I going to wear? For many of us, that summer body is not...
Seacoast NH Easter Egg Hunt Roundup

Seacoast NH Easter Egg Hunt Roundup

Grab your Easter baskets and bunny ears because the Seacoast is hoppin' with egg hunts for a festive family adventure! Dover: Tendercrop Farm Red Barn Egg Hunt 4/13: ages 2-6, 12-1 p.m. 4/20: ages 7-12, 12- 1 p.m. $5...

A Stylist’s Top Five Favorite Kids’ Hair Products

I've always been a product junkie. But until I had kids, those products were all about me. As as a hair stylist, I always have clients asking me what I use on my own...

I Joined a Nutrition Course and Here’s What Happened

Jumping Into the Whole Body Reset with Blissfully Lively When approached with the idea of enrolling in a 10-week Whole Body Reset nutrition course with a group of strangers, I knew it was way out of...
bottles to backpacks

Trading Bottles For Backpacks: How To Move On From Baby Daze To School Days

It's that time of year again when my Facebook feed is flooded with the shining faces of children heading off to their first day of school. Homemade chalkboard signs held by eager little hands...
back to school

A Stylist’s Five Steps to a Successful Back to School Haircut

In the long list of "to do's" in getting our kids back to school, a trip to a hair salon usually makes the cut (yes, I went there). But for some of us, it's...
birthday party

Thinking Outside The Gift Box: Birthday Present Ideas For Your Next Kids Party

A significant amount of your time raising children includes hitting the kids' birthday party circuit HARD.  While you may be on top of your own child's flavor of the month in toy trends, superhero...
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