Justine Salema

Hi! I’m Justine. I’m a part-time pediatric speech language pathologist currently working in Early Intervention and full time hot mess mom. I live in North Hampton with my lovely husband, two (mostly) delightful children and a very sweet old-lady Boston Terrier. When I’m not chasing after my little guy or dodging my pre-teen daughter’s eye rolls, I can be found sneakily enjoying trashy reality TV, oversharing on social media, traveling in search of live music, shaking my crazies out via running and adding to my extensive "to-read" book stack. I’m passionate about sharing my life through writing, never straying too far from the ocean, helping families and toddlers find their voice and drinking my coffee while it is still hot. You can find more of my writing at www.justinewrites.com and follow my adventures (and disasters!) on Instagram at @justinewrites.

Removing Khloe Kardashian’s Unedited Photo Hurts My Daughter

It's complicated to navigate body image in the age of social media. Plus, It's a little scary. Recently, an unedited photo of Khloe Kardashian went viral. It was a refreshing, candid shot where Khloe...

How Do I Make Sure My Children Aren’t People Pleasers?

True story: I am an enneagram type two to a tee.. Empathetic, self-sacrificing and…a people pleaser in recovery. And I'm worried I'm raising a people pleaser! Recently, I was talking to my eleven year-old daughter...
Does wearing a mask hinder a child's language development? child and caregiver in a mask

Masks and Your Child’s Language Development: What You Should Know

In this Covid world, masks are an inexorable part of our new reality. As an early intervention speech language pathologist, I hear concern from families about how the lack of face to face communication...

Tips for Supporting Someone With Anxiety: Loving Your Anxious People

Ever since I can remember, I've struggled with anxiety. My worrying generally comes in waves, accompanied by a brain that just won’t stop whirring, annoying insomnia and an elevated heart rate. Add a pandemic...

A Speech Pathologist Reacts to Joe Biden’s Stutter at the Debate

Millions of Americans tuned in to watch the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden earlier this week, myself included. Don't worry, this isn't political diatribe. Instead, I'm going to share my...
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