I'm the youngest of six children, born and raised in New Jersey. After graduating with an English degree from Boston College, I stayed in the Boston area and worked in advertising as a writer. I took a break from full-time work when my son was born in 2012, and I’ve been a latte-loving freelance writer ever since. I’m into pop culture, comedy, and wearing comfy clothes whenever possible. Check out more of my writing: TheFindingAliceBlog.com
Secondary Infertility; pregnancy test in gift box

No, I’m Not “One and Done.” It’s Secondary Infertility.

Looking back, I’ve “wasted” a lot of money on pregnancy tests over the years. But I guess that’s a testament to the power of Hope. “Is he your only one?” she says, gesturing to...
Spring cleaning, stack of books and cardboard boxes marked "Books Donate" and "Boys 3T and 4T"

Seacoast Spring Cleaning: Where to Donate All the Things

It’s light out at 6:30pm again, crocus and daffodils are making their appearance, and snow still isn't out of the question. That can only mean one thing: springtime in New Hampshire. And with that...
Spread of food, crackers, cheese, sesame, nuts, honey, figs. Common food allergy myths. Image from Dana Tentis/Pexels

Kids & Food Allergies: Busting 5 Common Food Allergy Myths

Are food allergies on your radar? They might not be. Especially if you don't have allergies in your own family. That's why I'm busting 5 common food allergy myths.  It's very important for all parents...

If The Future is Female, Where Does that Leave My Son?

Kamala Harris has just been sworn in as the first female Vice President of the United States. Regardless of where you stand politically, I think we can all acknowledge that this is a huge...

Stand-Up Specials on Netflix You Need in Your Life

Whether it’s the ever-changing status of school, the decreasing hours of daylight this time of year, or, oh, I don’t know, the fact that the SUCCESS OF THE HOLIDAYS RESTS SQUARELY ON OUR SHOULDERS,...
Memorial Candles and gift ideas for someone who is grieving or lost a loved one.

Remembrance: Gift Ideas for Someone Who’s Grieving

it insensitive to celebrate the season when someone's recently lost a loved one? Can "Happy Holidays" even exist amidst grief? I suppose it's different for everyone, but based on my own experience, my best advice is...
Sign reading Open During Remodel

I HATE CHANGE! An Open Letter to My Favorite Store in Greenland

Dearest Greenland Target, Hi, my name is Katie. First time fan mailer. Long time shopper. I am writing to express some concern over what’s been happening at your store over the last few weeks. You...
Learning to ski as an adult, snowboard and skis leaning against wooden fence

How Learning to Ski as an Adult Made Me a Better Mom

Have you ever tried something new? I’m not talking something that’s hobby-adjacent, like painting with watercolors if you typically work with acrylic. I’m talking NEW-new new. Like waaaay out of your comfort zone, heart-racing,...
Man Flu remedies: cup of tea, box of tissues

Diagnosis? A Case of the Man Flu

Last winter, I tried to provoke my husband, Rick, with a topic that always tends to roll around this time of year: the Man Flu. I had been out and about when I heard someone...
Two friends talking and drinking coffee

One Thing You Shouldn’t Say When a Friend’s Mom Dies

I often go for articles that are titled like this one. You know, pieces that reveal the top things you should never, ever say in various life situations. And here you are, reading this....
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