Kristen Teixeira

Divorced mom of 2 amazing kids finding my way in the world with humor, sanity and the occasional glass of wine. I work hard, laugh all the time and tell it like it is. I only ever wanted to be a mom and after an awesome career in Hollywood and the music business, I finally get to do it. Proud chapter leader with Free Mom Hugs and advocate for the LGBTQ community. I believe that we are here to be honest, loving and make other people smile. It's easier than you think.

Hot Dance Spots on the Seacoast for Galentine’s Day and Beyond

If you are looking for a way to light up the town with your friends at night, easy lessons or just to shake your groove thing, there are so many options for a great...
Father's Day Gift Ideas for Older Kids

Seacoast Experiences: 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Older Kids

Dads are pretty special and celebrating them on Father's Day is always fun! My children love the tradition of wacky ties and handmade cards for their Dad. But in past years, as they've gotten...

6 Important Lessons I Learned From My Mom

I was driving along with the kids the other day, pondering Mother's Day and what I could do for my mom. I thought of all the lessons she has taught me and wondered if...

6 Tips For Talking to Your Kids that I Learned in Marriage Therapy

Marriage Therapy: not just for adults! I am a big believer in therapy. Having someone guide me through my emotions helps me stay sane. I sat through close to three years of marriage therapy with...
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