Hello, I’m Krysten! I am mom to Everett John, now 18-months-old. Everett came to us after I turned 40, and my husband and I now find ourselves juggling the trials of new parenthood in the “older” bracket. It’s a whole new world to us and we’re figuring things out as Everett progresses from infant-hood to toddler-hood. We have lived in Dover, New Hampshire for more than a decade and are learning our way around the parks, playgrounds, and parent groups available in the Seacoast. I can’t wait to share our adventures with you and get tips from other readers.

Trains, Hotels, and Humpty Dumpty: North Conway With Your Toddler

My idea of a relaxing weekend away does not normally involve the phrase “Day Out with Thomas™, The Friendship Tour.” However; we recently survived a weekend in North Conway riding the Thomas Train, meeting...

Acadia and Beyond: Planning a “Downeast” Vacation With Your Toddler

There’s nothing like the great outdoors of Maine to expose your toddler to trails, rocky cliffs, and ocean air. Still, taking a trip “Downeast” has its challenges: a long car ride, the potential of...

Make the Most out of your July 2017 at these Sizzling Seacoast Events

The month of July offers more than ice cream and lazy days at the beach. This month, the Seacoast is packed with events and activities aimed to please children and their parents. Whether you want...
Pain after pregnancy

Why Every Mom Should Call White Lotus Physical Therapy: Pain in Pregnancy, Labor and...

This post is sponsored. However, we would not promote or work with a company we did not find to be interesting and relevant to our readers. All opinions are our own. We all know motherhood...

When You Don’t Bounce Back: The Weight of Holding on to the Baby Weight

Never did I think that at two-and-a-half-years postpartum, I’d have 30 pounds of baby weight to lose. Before I got pregnant, I was killing it in boot camp. I had a half-marathon and several 5Ks...

When Dad is a Police Officer: Walking the Thin Blue Line

My toddler's Daddy is his hero. And why not? Daddy drives a police car, dons a cool uniform, and fights the bad guys. Because my husband also takes his vehicle home, he often signals his arrival with...
Take your own Measure Your Child is More than a Mark on a Checklist

Take Your Own Measure: Your Child is More than a Mark on a Checklist

If you are concerned about your child’s development, there are plenty of checklists on the Internet that can scare you into thinking your child is way behind. There are the CDC’s Developmental Milestones checklists,...
The Sandwich Parent – Navigating Life in the Middle

The Sandwich Parent: Caring for Your Child and Your Parents

If you are a mom in your 40s, you might feel like a piece of meat stuck in the middle of a family sandwich. That is, you may routinely vacillate between caring for aging parents (or...
When in Doubt—Throw it Out. A Better Situation- Make a Donation.

When in Doubt–Throw it Out. A Better Situation? Make a Donation.

Jumperoos. Baby bouncers. Containers full of clothes ranging in size from Newborn to 2T. Tons of toys. Old suits and work clothes that are now two sizes too small. Time to make a donation. How...

Your 2017 Guide to Winter on the Seacoast: Experiencing the Great Outdoors with Your...

It may not be beach weather, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy outdoor activities this winter on and around the Seacoast. Whether it’s snowy, icy, or somewhere in-between, there’s bound to be an...
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