Hello, I’m Laura! The night I fell in love with my husband, I drank too much Patron and choked on a cherry I was trying to eat seductively. Despite my best efforts, chaos reigns. Ever set underwear on fire? Accidentally flung a brownie at a selectman? Fallen fully clothed into a bathtub of freezing water? I have. I’m a potty-mouthed mommy of two little girls, farm wife, photographer, writer, and special educator. I’m happiest barefoot in the sunshine, playing with my kids, drinking tea with gal pals, or reading something a little smutty. I believe life’s best lessons are learned in chaos.

16 Local Gifts for Crafters: A Holiday Gift Guide

Are you at a loss about what kind of gifts for crafters are available on the Seacoast? Does a trip to Joann Fabrics have your head spinning? If you're not a crafter yourself it...
Naughty or nice a letter to santa is a christmas must do

Create Some Merry Mail with Our Free Printable Letters to Santa

The count down to Christmas is on! Are your children working on their letters to Santa? Whether you are gearing up for a trip to see the big guy in person (like at our Santa...

Barn Raised: How Farming Impacts Kids

When I married a 5th generation Maine farmer over a decade ago, I never imagined that part of the bargain was raising farm kids. I knew that part of the package was the lifestyle....

Racy Reading Recommendations: A Mom’s Summer Reading List

The traditional season of sexy beach reads and escape is here. I don't know about you, but If there was ever something to escape it would be 2020. Turns out life is a bit...
Our new normal has its blessings

Finding and Celebrating the New Normal During Covid-19

We are living in unprecedented times; faced with uncertainty and a toilet paper shortage. Yet this generation of moms has hitched up our leggings, fixed our messy buns, and created a new normal during...
Covid-19 Inspired Drinks

5 COVID-19 Inspired Drink Recipes for Coping with the Coronavirus

How are you coping with the Coronavirus? Are you doing okay with this new normal? At this stage of quarantine, I feel like I'm at greater risk from our precautions than Covid-19. I find...

No Extra Money: The Unfair Reality of the Family Budget

Let's talk about money. For mamas everywhere, money and the family budget are heavy on their minds. It is a concern amongst mothers worldwide. When we as writers set out to address the financial...
a toddler leash helped keep my child safe

Toddler Leash: A Lesson in Mothering

One of my biggest struggles in mothering has been my elder daughter's propensity for running off. She is independent and distractable, headstrong and adventurous. What will one day make her a formidable adult made...
make your donation matter in youyr community by donating to a local thrift charity

Where to Donate Goods on the Seacoast: Do Better with Your Abundance

With the New Year upon us, I'm cleaning out and organizing! I'm so ready to donate my kids' outgrown clothes and toys. Yet, this year it's not enough to just clear my space: I...
thoughtful homemade gifts

Thoughtful Homemade Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Especially during the holidays, I love to give homemade gifts. A homemade gift shows thought and intention, and the knowledge of effort on the giver's part is a gift of its own. Most of...
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