Lindsey Williams

Hello, I’m Lindsey (with an “e” like Anne of Green Gables). A New Englander by birth and upbringing, I left after college and spent 10 years living in Washington, DC before moving back to the Seacoast in 2015 to go back to school and to be closer to family (and the ocean). I’m an environmental policy professional and educator, a City Councilor in Dover, and mom to two kids (8 and 5). My professional work focuses on the science-policy interface, negotiation and consensus building, and collaborative processes particularly as they relate to coastal and environmental matters. My community (and parenting) work overlaps with that and focuses on building strong connections between people and place, bringing multiple perspectives to the table, and trying to ensure there is space for voices that are often left out.
Ever wonder how to get involved in your local government but feel overwhelmed? I hear you! Check out these tips to stay up to date.

Getting Involved in Local Government: How do I find out what is going on?

Have you ever wondered how to get involved in your local government but felt overwhelmed trying to figure out how to engage? I hear you! I serve on my local City Council and still...
Town Hall

Using Your Voice: Tips for Connecting with Local Elected Representatives

Have you ever wondered how to get involved in your local government but felt overwhelmed? I hear you! I serve on my local City Council and still find it confusing at times. To help,...

Earth Day 2021 Sustainable Swaps to Reduce Our Impact on the Planet

The other night I heard the first spring peepers in our backyard. For me, that’s the sign that we’ve made it through winter - these tiny frogs that have decided it’s time to brave...
Making peace with my body

Making Peace With My Body: New Year’s Resolutions Be Damned

As we arrive at the New Year, I always feel this strange pause. I come to the realization that in the final weeks of the year there is no way I’ll make last minute...

Voting Day Reflections: How I’m Raising Engaged Kids

From the time my daughter was three and my son was an infant, they’ve regularly come with me to the polls on voting day. Whether it was a primary, municipal, statewide, or federal election,...

What Schitt’s Creek Taught Me About Love and Motherhood

*Spoiler alert if you are in the midst of watching Schitt’s Creek and the song “Simply the Best” doesn’t ring a bell yet, stop reading and save this one for later when you're ready...

Head, Heart, Hands: Finding Balance in Our Busy Lives

When I was a kid, I used to roll my eyes at some of my mom's sayings. She'd say things like, “Go as the way opens” or “there are many paths up a mountain”...
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