Meaghan Foster

I’m a mama from (and currently living in) Newmarket, NH. Aside from a short stint in Raleigh, NC, post-college for an internship at a genetic testing lab, and 4 years at the University of Connecticut, I’ve spent my whole life in NH. I have my Bachelors of Science in Diagnostic Genetics and a certificate in college ministry. Now I get to work with college students through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of New Hampshire. My husband, Alex and I, have a bio son, Xander who is 18-months old, and a little girl on the way. I'm an enneagram 8, and I'm always on a mission to save the world, but my hubby graciously reigns me in. Currently trying to change the world for vulnerable children, hoping to see all children thrive and be loved; foster care, disability advocacy and awareness are close to my heart.
kid playing wheelchair basketball - ways to support the differently abled community on the Seacoast

Eight Ways to Support the Differently Abled Community on the Seacoast!

As a mom to a kiddo with Down Syndrome, I see firsthand how a child with differing abilities positively impacts a neurotypical child. Families who experience disability NEED your help to walk this life!...

Seacoast Coffee Shops that are Making a Difference

It's fall! Leaves are changing, the kids are back in school, football season is here (Go Pats!), and cozy cups of hot coffee are back, yay! My favorite part about fall is the warm...
workout playlist suggestions

Back to School, Back at It: Workout Playlist Suggestions

Who doesn't love new workout playlist suggestions!? Back to school often means a return to some of those mama rhythms, like hitting the gym (or the pavement!) that aren't as easy to make happen...
paternity leave

An Open Thank You Letter to My Husband’s Employer

To the amazing company that granted my husband 8 weeks of paternity leave, Thank you so much for giving my husband 8 weeks with our family after my daughter was born. Every time I told...
Seacoast Digital Fast 2019

The 2019 Seacoast Digital Fast: 3 Ways To Engage Your Family This Weekend

May 3-5th is the Annual Seacoast Digital Fast! Portsmouth resident Jeff Stern started the Seacoast Digital started in 2014 to challenge Seacoast residents to "Look Up!" Although this might take some planning if you've...

How to Become a Foster Parent in NH: 5 Steps to Take

Considering becoming a foster parent but don't know where to start? I got you covered! I break it down into 5 steps so you can better wrap your mind around this life-changing decision. Spoiler...

Shouting Their Worth: World Down Syndrome Day

Before Xander Recently, a former student sent me a paper from years ago in which she interviewed me about my view of disability. I vaguely recalled the interview and knew I was not going to...
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