Melissa Robinson

I am proud MoM (mother of multiples), a school librarian, a community bookseller and an overall story loving mama. I live with my amazing wife and our children in Dover. As a passionate, lifelong lover of children's books, I believe in the power of stories and community to help us raise a generation of kids who can radically love themselves, love others, love the planet and revolutionize the systems of the world that deny justice to so many. You can follow me online at
Two hands holding a planet Earth.

20 Global Kids’ Books for Earth Day 2022

With Earth Day fast approaching, this is a fitting time to grab some wonderful global kids' books and learn together about some environmental changemakers. This is the second in Seacoast Moms series on Global...
Global Kids Books can help you raise world citizens

Global Kids Books: Raising Your Children to be World Citizens

Raising my children to be world citizens is equally as important as raising kind kids in my household. It is important to give our children a broad sense of the world we live in and...
Chalk drawing on a sidewalk with the words Be Kind. November 13 is World Kindness Day

Prioritizing Kindness at the End of 2021

Successful, happy, creative, hard working... all of us who love children dream of the wonderful people they will become. For me, raising kids who are above all kind is a high priority. As we...
Young reader holding a flashlight and reading a story for book lovers under the covers.

7 Children’s Books for Kids All About the Love of Reading

In my world, there’s no such thing as having too many books on your to-read list. I will listen eagerly anytime someone wants to recommend a good read for me or my kids.  Since...
Jars full of refillable and plastic-free products at We Fill Good.

My Family’s Going Low Waste with Seacoast Refill Store We Fill Good

I am always intrigued by the stories of people who live a “zero-waste” life.  They can fit all the trash they create in an entire year into a single small jar. Whoa. It’s so...
Photo of a mom eating over the sink while holding a baby. Postpartum nutrition isn't easy.

Postpartum Nutrition: Tips to Keep Yourself Well-Fed After Baby

When you have a newborn in the house, it isn’t as simple as it used to be to keep yourself well-fed. Some non-Western countries, especially those that have preserved traditional cultural knowledge, have support...
Toddler sitting on the kitchen floor playing with a wooden spoon, other kitchen items and a stuffed animal. Keep your baby entertained with treasure baskets.

Keep Your Baby Entertained with Treasure Baskets

Whether it's so you can work remotely, assist older kids with remote learning or homeschooling, take care of a new baby or (the Holy Grail) drink a cup of coffee uninterrupted, every parent needs...

5 Ways to Prepare for Newborn Multiples: Tips from a MoM and Doula

Finding out you are pregnant with not one, but two, three or more babies is quite a shock!  Once you start thinking about the reality of a multiples pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, you may...

Kids Game and Book Gift Ideas: Embracing Time at Home With Family

Between typical Seacoast weather and Covid, we’re all facing more at-home time in the next few months. I am keeping that in mind when I buy presents for the kids on my list this...
Reading to your baby while pregnant

Why You Should Sing or Read to Your Baby While Pregnant

When I was training as a postpartum doula, our instructor covered an array of topics.  We talked about breastfeeding, infant care, postpartum mental health, babywearing, and more. We watched a video explaining the Purple...
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