Hi, I'm Misa! I'm a certified health coach, educator, mom of 2 girls, and a wife. I enjoy exercising, cooking, being outdoors, playing with my family, and a night out with my girlfriends. My favorite place is the beach. I feel very lucky to live on the Seacoast with miles and miles of coastline to explore. Prior to staying at home with my girls, I was a first grade teacher for close to 9 years. I recently took a leap of faith, and decided to turn my passion for nutrition into a business! My mission is to help families make small, sustainable changes with their nutrition to improve their health. Connect with my on instagram @MisasCleanKitchen, facebook www.facebook/misascleankitchen and my blog https://misascleankitchen.blogspot.com/

6 Family-Friendly Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

It is hard to believe school is here. Even though it will look different this year, it is important to start our children’s day off with a well-balanced breakfast. Yet finding family-friendly...

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20 Ideas for Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

Looking for fun ideas for getting kids to eat vegetables? Have a kid that won't eat vegetables? Did you know that Dr. Sears recommends 9 to 12 servings of fruit and veggies each day....

Dining Sustainably: The Best Seacoast Restaurants

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Nine Reasons to Get Your Kids in the Kitchen Today

Cooking with kids is transformative. Here are 9 reasons to get your kids in the kitchen today: 1. Establish lifelong skills I believe, that knowing how to cook is key to living a long and healthy...

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healthy halloween snack ideas

6 Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas to Make with Your Kids

Halloween is just around the corner! As a mom, I love the excitement around Halloween. Costumes, Trick-or-Treating and parties are all full of fun but, many of us become a little, or a lot,...
Encourage Children to eat more vegetables

Ten Ways to Encourage Children to Eat More Vegetables

Including veggies in our diet on a daily basis is important for many reasons. Vegetables are rich in nutrients, packed with fiber and antioxidants which help to keep us healthy. They also provide an...