Hi, I'm Misa! I'm a certified health coach, educator, mom of 2 girls, and a wife. I enjoy exercising, cooking, being outdoors, playing with my family, and a night out with my girlfriends. My favorite place is the beach. I feel very lucky to live on the Seacoast with miles and miles of coastline to explore. Prior to staying at home with my girls, I was a first grade teacher for close to 10 years. I recently took a leap of faith, and decided to turn my passion for nutrition and my experience as an educator into a business! My mission is to help families make small, sustainable changes with their nutrition to improve their health. I offer virtual kids cooking classes to help empower kids in the kitchen and show them that food can taste delicious AND be good for us! I especially love working with families of picky eaters, offering them practical tools to add to their toolbox, helping to shape young tastes to appreciate real food. Connect with my on instagram @MisasCleanKitchen, facebook www.facebook/misascleankitchen and my website www.misascleankitchen.com

Healthy and Easy School Snack Ideas

It is hard to believe our kids are back in school already and we are thinking about easy school snack ideas! As my girls get older each summer seems to fly by a little...

A Game Changing Tool to Get Kids to Try New Foods!

Do you struggle to get your kids to try new foods? Do you find yourself begging your kids to just take one bite? As a parent of two, I’ve been there and it isn't...
Seacoast Support Groups

A Roundup of Seacoast Support Groups for Parents

Below, you will find a list of Seacoast Support Groups for New Moms. I hope this list provides you with education, community, and support in your motherhood journey. Finding our tribe and feeling connected...

6 Benefits to Family-Style Meals for Your Crew

Do you struggle with encouraging your kids to try new foods? Do you want to give your kids more autonomy at the dinner table? Then, try serving meals family-style!   What is family-style? For family-style meals,...

7 Clean Pantry Items You Should Buy For Your Family

It is often difficult to navigate the grocery store and make healthy choices for your family. Buying from the perimeter of the store-- those fresh items -- is always best. But you also need...

Got Picky Eaters? 3 Simple Tips to Raise Healthy Eaters

Do you have a picky eater? Is dinner time the most stressful time of the day? Are you cooking four different meals for each member in your family? My youngest use to be a picky...

8 Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Sugar Consumption in 2022

Are you thinking about goals for the New Year?! Want to reduce your family's sugar consumption in 2022? Why is reducing your family's sugar consumption so important? Here are a few of the effects excess...

7 Go-To Family Dinner Ideas: Kid-tested, Parent Approved

Anyone struggle with figuring out how to make a healthy dinner with minimal time? Anyone find the dinner, decision making process exhausting and overwhelming? Coming up with new family dinner ideas has to be one...

No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Tarts Recipe: Gluten and Dairy-Free

Kids love treats! But after a summer of ice cream and popsicles, you might be ready to try something different. Treats are fun but feeding kids food that sustain them for their days at...

8 Simple Tips for How to Raise A Salad Lover: Start Today

Do you wish your children enjoyed salad? I love a good salad, especially in the summer months. The possibilities are endless, and they can act as a great tool for getting lots of great...
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