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The 5 Best Young Adult Fiction Books of 2020 from A Librarian

Happy New Year everyone! Did you make a resolution to read more this year? I used to set a reading goal  (a book a month, for example) but that was not a successful project. ...

Gift-Worthy Wordless Picture Books for All Ages: A Librarian’s Gift Idea

It's almost gift-giving season (check out our extensive 2020 Holiday Gift Guide). Of course, as a librarian and huge bibliophile, my go-to gift is always books - easy to wrap, mail, and hide in...

Children’s Books About Kindness: 10 Titles to Read with Your Kids

Whether this September brings homeschooling, remote schooling, hybrid schooling, or in-person schooling, we all need more stories of kindness. Rather than launch into my traditional back-to-school book roundup, I want to share some empathy-building,...

10 Children’s Books About Self-Care and Gratitude (For All Ages)

Times are seriously WEIRD. I'll be honest - our family is feeling the strain. We're totally fine. But it is wearing on us. As my neighbor just posted in a group text, "I feel like...
Picture Books from Black Authors and Allies

Diversify Your Library: Picture Books from Black Authors & Allies

Some books are windows, some are mirrors. This is a phrase I've repeated so often (including in my last post). There's an addition I am hearing more recently and love: Some books are sliding doors....
Diversify your library: 13 great books from authors of color for older kids

Diversify Your Library: 13 Great Books from Authors of Color for Older Kids

It is hard to express my heartbreak, anger and confusion for George Floyd and his family. But this isn't about me. This is about friends and neighbors who worry that their husbands, sons, and...
Audiobook recommendations

A Librarian’s List of Awesome Audiobooks for All Ages

In this time of "Safe at Home", I'm finding it harder and harder to find moments alone to recharge while I social distance with my family. The struggle is real. Those precious solitary minutes...
free digital reading resources - girl and mom on ipad

FREE Digital Reading Resources from your Library!

I'm a librarian and last Sunday, our library closed because of the COVID-19 virus. Frankly IT. WAS. INSANE. It honestly felt like people were more worried about running out of books than milk or...

Should Kids Read Graphic Novels? Yes! Here are Picks from A Librarian

Imagine this scenario: you are at your local Seacoast library with your youngster: She slows down at the Mo Willems and Gerald and Piggie books (cue warm fuzzies) but makes a bee-line for ....
Early Chapter Books

Making The Leap: Early Chapter Books for Your Young Reader

This month I'm covering one of my favorite topics: early chapter books (aka transitional chapter books).  It is that wonderful time when readers are transitioning out of those (often mind-numbing) early readers and finding...
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