Molly Shaw Wilson

After moving from NYC to Portsmouth, I lived without a kitchen for six months, pregnant with a toddler, while we rehabbed our house! I'm a pediatric occupational therapist and work part time while caring for my two boys - 8 and 5. I have my own private OT practice here on the Seacoast, called Training Wheels. My husband's family owns an apple orchard and he travels a lot for his day job--life is crazy but we love it!
Sensory Friendly Activities on the Seacoast This Fall

Fall Sensory Friendly Activities on the Seacoast

You may have seen an entertainment venue or children's event deemed sensory friendly. This typically means that there is special care taken to accommodate the needs of individuals with autism or sensory processing disorder....

Get Your Kids Ready To Go Back to School

The new school year is dawning. As a pediatric occupational therapist, I am getting lots of referrals for school-age kids who are struggling getting ready to go back to school. Their emotions are high, siblings...
Summer Calendar

Creating a Summer 2022 Calendar for Your Family

Do you create a master calendar for your family? There are so many digital options that make appointments and after school activities easier to track. Furthermore, these apps make things shareable between family members...
Guide to Seacoast Area Preschools

Different Preschool Philosophies and Where to Find them on the Seacoast

It's Preschool Registration time! It can be an overwhelming moment in time but I am here to help! No matter where on the Seacoast you live, there are so amazing preschools.  I'm here to help...

Morning Tips to Get Kids Out the Door

Winter in New England means we need to be ready for any and all weather. The LOAD of items that have to go to school with my children each morning seems endless! No matter...

How I Use Sticky Notes to Creatively Discipline My Children

After close to 18 months home with them, I am sick of my own voice.  I swear my two boys have this incredible ability to IGNORE me and filter out what I say. They seem...

Top Recommended Toys from an OT – Christmas Ideas for Kids

During the holidays, I love helping my clients' families (I'm a pediatric occupational therapist) choose toys for their little ones at the holidays. Getting to know a child's interests and strengths, while capitalizing on...

Sensory Tips for Paying Attention During Remote Learning

This remote learning is for the birds. My child is doing so much zooming this year, I fear that we are in Zoom Doom. He's pushing back and it's so hard to watch, he...

5 Tips For Getting Kids Outside – It’s More Crucial Than Ever Now

I think back to the spring (pre COVID-19) when I relished in getting kids to play outside, and screen free, from the moment they got off the bus until dinner. We stopped at the...

Wait, Am I Homeschooling My Preschooler?

All of the recent changes in our back to school plans have me feeling blindsided and whip-lashed. I don't know what I have been doing for the past 5 months, but I'm not prepared...
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