Molly Shaw Wilson

After moving from NYC to Portsmouth, I lived without a kitchen for six months, pregnant with a toddler, while we rehabbed our house! I'm a pediatric occupational therapist and work part time while caring for my two boys - 8 and 5. I have my own private OT practice here on the Seacoast, called Training Wheels. My husband's family owns an apple orchard and he travels a lot for his day job--life is crazy but we love it!
Homeschooling during Covid-19

Homeschooling During COVID-19: A Pediatric OT Weighs In

Now that we are on the verge of school closing throughout the nation, we are all faced with this challenge: homeschooling during COVID-19. I'm not gonna lie, I've considered driving to Florida so at...
Seacoast Support Groups for Parents

A Roundup of Seacoast Support Groups for Parents

Our Seacoast is brimming with resources for families. Let's be honest-- it takes a village to survive, let alone thrive, this role of parenthood! Here is a roundup of Seacoast Support Groups for Parents....
kids outdoor activities on the seacoast

A Roundup of Seacoast Outdoor Education Programs

Getting kids outside in nature is so important, but can feel so hard right about now. I don't think I was cut out for this NH winter weather when we moved here. But I'm...

Best Outdoor Toys for Winter

For Christmas this year, I want gifts that will inspire children to play outdoors more regularly. In this cold NH weather, it's easy to fall into this routine of getting off the bus, warming...

Best Preschool Toys for Your Christmas List: Recommendations from a Pediatric OT

I am a pediatric occupational therapist. What that means is I help to facilitate a child's occupation: to play. Isn't that amazing? A child's job is literally to play. When you break down "play", there...
outdoor gear recommendations for kids

Outdoor Gear Recommendations for Kids From An Occupational Therapist

It's incredibly important for kids to play outside, even in the winter. That's why I'm here with my outdoor gear recommendations for kids. So much value lies in unstructured outdoor play. Experts recommend three hours of outdoor play...
child holding colored pencil - hand preference in children

Hand Preference – Left or Right?

Do you have a good sense of your child's hand preference? I am a pediatric occupational therapist, and this is a common conversation that I have with parents. While hand dominance is hereditary, its not...
Sensory Friendly Activities on the Seacoast This Fall

Fall Sensory Friendly Activities on the Seacoast

You may have seen an entertainment venue or children's event deemed sensory friendly. This typically means that there is special care taken to accommodate the needs of individuals with autism or sensory processing disorder....
Screen free after school activities

5 Screen Free After School Activities To Help Your Child Unwind

We're back to school and into fall. This means cooler mornings, alarm clock wake-ups, packing lunches, and bus rides. I remember last year when my oldest started kindergarten. Getting adjusted to being "on" five...

A Pediatric Occupational Therapist’s Top Picks for Backpacks

August is upon us and for many of us that means back to school shopping. Is the backpack packed and ready to go? My kids look forward to this one item more than any...
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