Molly Shaw Wilson

After moving from NYC to Portsmouth, I lived without a kitchen for six months, pregnant with a toddler, while we rehabbed our house! I'm a pediatric occupational therapist and work part time while caring for my two boys - 8 and 5. I have my own private OT practice here on the Seacoast, called Training Wheels. My husband's family owns an apple orchard and he travels a lot for his day job--life is crazy but we love it!
Seacoast Beaches

The Best Beach for Your Crew: Guide to Seacoast Beaches

I grew up by the ocean and truly believe that even a quick visit can ease some of our woes. My children were on the sand as soon as they could sit and one...
outdoor sensory play

Get Outside and Get Messy – 4 Ideas for Outdoor Sensory Play for Kids

If you are a neat freak like me, you hate messes in your kitchen. The slime, the goo, the crumbly Playdoh - the mess makes me cringe! Yet, in the summer? I welcome the...
kindergarten screening

Ready for Kindergarten! A Look at the Kindergarten Screening Process

Kindergarten screenings are coming up at the local elementary schools. All the moms from my parent groups are having these crazed conversations - what is a kindergarten screening like? Are they ready? Am I...
How to ditch the training wheels

How-to Ditch the Training Wheels – Tips for Riding a 2-Wheeler

Riding a bike gives a child a sense of freedom. When I was little, I equated riding my bike with adventure. I would ride to my friends house or to the corner store to...
Guide to Seacoast Area Preschools

Different Preschool Philosophies and Where to Find them on the Seacoast

It's Preschool Registration time! It can be an overwhelming moment in time but I am here to help! No matter where on the Seacoast you live, there are so amazing preschools.  I'm here to help...
Does my child need Occupational Therapy

How To Tell if Your Child Needs Occupational Therapy

Kids do all kinds of crazy things, right? In response, you hear things like "boys will be boys" and "she will grow out of it" and "this too shall pass". At many points when...
Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers

The Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers: Bring on the Fun!

These past few days watching the snow melt has me playing outside with my boys as much as I can. It's funny how warm 40 degrees feels in February! I have found myself resurrecting...

Torticollis: Important Information for New Parents

If you're a new parent, you're likely worrying about a million things when your baby comes home from the hospital. Gaining enough weight, watching temperature, figuring out days/nights - its endless. If you're anything...

The Importance of Tummy Time – 5 Tips to Make it Enjoyable

Tummy time was one of the first uncomfortable experiences I had to put my baby through. I remember at the one and two week pediatrics appointment being asked - "So how is tummy time...

Why W-sitting is a “no-no”

I get asked all the time "What is W-sitting anyway?" and "Why is W-sitting bad for my child?" and "What should I do to correct a W-sitter?" I am writing this to inform and educate....
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