Molly Shaw Wilson

After moving from NYC to Portsmouth, I lived without a kitchen for six months, pregnant with a toddler, while we rehabbed our house! I'm a pediatric occupational therapist and work part time while caring for my two boys - 4 and 16 months. I have my own private OT practice here on the Seacoast, called Training Wheels. My husband's family owns an apple orchard and he travels a lot for his day job--life is crazy but we love it!

Why This Occupational Therapist is Telling You That the Bumbo is a Dumbo

The Bumbo Seat I cringe when I see them on my friends' baby registries. I know why they're recommended to new moms: so they can shower/cook dinner/feed themselves/get a break, just for a few minutes....

How to Shop for Toddler Shoes: Advice from an Occupational Therapist

'Tis the season when you have to turn over the closets and you realize things don't fit! The cold mornings remind me that fall is creeping in, and we are supposed to be adding...

Fine Motor Skills–Get Your Child Ready to Hold a Pencil

As we head into the fall and "back to school" conversations begin, I find myself with several referrals related to kindergarten readiness. As a pediatric occupational therapist, parents seek out my services to make...
child sensory issues

Child Sensory Issues – What is Normal, What Isn’t and How to Get Help?

They say it's "sensory". Too often, people throw that term around when describing kids' behavior - but do they really know what that means? My kid WON'T sit still. She could be on that...
Backpack Safety

Backpack Safety – Start Small

It's that time of year again. How did the summer go so quickly? I'm getting ready for school myself. I am an occupational therapist, and I work with kids both in and out of...

Fun in the Sun: Summer Sensory Play

Summer is finally upon us! Yay! As an occupational therapist, summer is my favorite time of year for students to get some real great outside time, sensory play, and motor practice in. So much growth...
Family Financials - Zachary Taylor

5 Financial Tips for Young Families: Meet Zachary Taylor from Living Legacy

Financials are my nemesis. I am a small business owner, but don't ever feel like I have my act together. I went to school for a degree in occupational therapy so I am out...

Tiny Diners – Keeping Kids Busy at a Restaurant

We love to eat out. Culinary delights for the preschool crowd aren't really my cup of tea, but I'm game to enjoy an appetizer while they chow down. Lately though,  my children seem to...

Crawling Beach Baby? Make Your First Trip Successful!

Bringing that crawling beach baby for his first days on the sand can be exciting but crazy difficult. Neither one of my boys were walking those first summers when they were ready to be at...
Why Toddler won't wear pants

Three Reasons Why Your Toddler Won’t Wear Pants

My toddler won't wear pants.  Yup, you read that right, my toddler refuses to wear pants. What's the obsession with being naked? Why does it always have to happen when we are waiting for someone new...