Nancy Eckerson

Hello, I’m Nancy! I’m a New Hampshire native and have enjoyed living in the Seacoast with my husband, stepdaughter and son for quite a while, decades in fact! I’ve been a software engineer, home stager, stay-at-home mom, school and community volunteer and always a reader, writer and lover of language. I wrote a weekly running column Keeping Pace for Seacoast Sunday/Foster’s Daily Democrat/Portsmouth Herald for many years and reported on road races including my dream assignments at the Boston Marathon. I’m an avid runner and am happiest outdoors! I love to mountain bike, ski, snowshoe and hike – nothing beats the sweet exhaustion after an active day spent outdoors. Our nest is now generally empty with both kids navigating their own adult lives. My husband and I are enjoying our time together and with our two great cats. Motherhood (and life) is ever-changing and I’m adjusting to this new stage and reflecting on how lucky we’ve been.

Parenting Young Adults: It’s Still Important to Check In

Parenting young adults means I'm often wistful for the times when I knew how my son and daughter were doing on a daily basis. Even when they leave home, I don't think parents ever...
young woman walking away with a backpack

3 Tips to Prepare You For Your Child’s First Year of College

Your child’s room looks empty and the packed bags and bins are piling up. It’s a transition so many years in the making but suddenly here you are, just a few weeks before your...
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