Nicole Holbrook

Hey neighbor, I’m Nicole. I’ve traveled all over the state of Maine as a born and raised Mainer, but settled on the coast in 2013 to start a family. Today I fill many roles; mom of three little gentlemen, veteran spouse, graduate student, author, illustrator, blogger, content creator, yoga teacher, and homemaker. Growing up as a granddaughter to two Native American elders gave me some beautiful experiences in childhood which have fueled my love of nature and all things earthy. I channel much of that into my fiction writing, but I also enjoy writing quirky articles on mindful, heart-centered, and family-oriented living.

Sheldon Cooper, I Get It- As a Mom Who Declares “That’s My Spot”

What are we to do when we can’t catch our breath? When we are spinning in circles day in and day out, watching our kids grow up faster than we can blink?  We need to...

Funny Things Kids Say: Laugh So Hard, You’ll Cry. Guaranteed.

Dropping some mad positive vibes and belly laughter for you all this month with some funny things kids say. I polled my friends and mom community and came up with some good ones! (Plus...
morning routine

Simple Ways to Rebuild a Morning Routine in 2021

Let’s talk candidly about rebuilding a morning routine in 2021. I don’t know about you, but in 2020 I threw out any expectations that I would be faithful to my wakeup rituals. Now that...
2020 Personal Growth

The Unexpected Growth of 2020: A Personal Journey We Will Never Forget

We will forever remember the journey of 2020. When the word “pivot” was overused and creative problem solving became an invaluable skill. So many industries bustled to keep up. Leaders made careful decisions, and...

Practical Tools for Parents with the Winter Blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

The colors, scents, and spirit that fall brings are nice and all. But the winter blues, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)- not so much. For some of us, the changing season is a reminder...

8 Ways to Connect Positively with Your Kids After School

This year, more than ever, it's important to positively connect with our kids after school. School days can be long and exhausting, no matter what age they are at. Once they are out of...
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