Hello, I'm Rachel! I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Maine. Now I live in Seacoast New Hampshire with my ruggedly handsome husband, our sweet son, dog, and two cats. I received my degree in Marine Biology from Hawai'i Pacific University and soon after graduating I moved to Boston and began working in animal medicine. A few years after getting married, my husband and I found ourselves moving to New Hampshire and expecting our son. Now you can find me teaching yoga classes throughout Seacoast New Hampshire. I have traveled a bunch, LOVE the ocean, I always have a thousand "projects" happening at once, love a good workout, and have found the perfect balance between lazy weekends and having adventures.
Best VIrtual Field Trips - hand holding a small globe

Best Virtual Field Trips: Exploring the World from Your Home

So you've had to cancel your latest outing or trip but that doesn't mean you can't take yourself and your family on a virtual journey. Check our these virtual field trips your whole family...

My Fertility Journey With Acupuncture

I was a year into trying to conceive our second child when someone first mentioned acupuncture to me. I had just been to the doctors and had the conversation about what was next in...

My Love Affair With a Robot Vacuum

I’m not what you would call tech savvy. In fact I’m guessing most would call very un-tech savvy. Sure I can use my iPhone to write an email but I still can't figure out...

Sweet and Simple – Seacoast 2019 Holiday Bucket List

It seems like every year there are more and more events and activities added to our holiday season. Its almost too much to keep up with. But as parents we all love to make...

Three Tips For Picking Your Ideal Family Photographer

A few weeks ago our family set out for our annual family photo session. I make it a priority to get at least one great photo of us once a year. Everyone hates it...

Three Simple Ways to Ease Your Child’s Congestion

We are rolling into that time of year where stuffy noses become all to common. Also known as the "tackle and hold down a grumpy kid to wipe a nose" months. There are a...
Coping with my Husband's Deployment

It’s Ok To Be A Mess – Coping with My Husband’s Deployment

A few months ago my husband got home from a seven month deployment. Yup, I spent seven months solo parenting a three year old and an infant who wouldn't to sleep. This wasn't my...

Easy Day Trip : A New England Whale Watch for the Whole Family

We have the pleasure of living right near the big blue Atlantic Ocean. While splashing in the shallow water at any of our amazing Seacoast beaches can be fun, taking the whole family out...

Summer DIY: Make Your Own Succulent Wreath

I love having a wreath on my front door but every time the warm weather rolls around, I am at a loss at what to hang. This spring I decided to make my own...

Safe Sunburn Soothers For the Whole Family

We are heading into beach season, longer days outside, and family vacations. But along with the wonderful weather comes a lot of time in the sun. Sometimes even with careful application of sunscreen and...