Rebecca Throop

Hi All, I’m Rebecca! I’ve worked in marketing strategy in the healthcare and wellness industry since college and my MBA for 20+ years (yikes!!). I’m blessed to have combined my geeky professional self with my passions: awareness of and mental health supports for disenfranchised populations and communities. I volunteer in educating the greater community about the real experiences of those in (and out of) recovery from the disease of addiction. I was so honored to give a TED talk in 2019 about removing stigma and shame by simply shifting the language we use, as this is near and dear me. Yet, at the end of the day, my family is everything in my world. I live with my husband Mike and two teenage sons in Lee, along with a crazy cattle dog (Maggie), cat (Leia), fish, 100 snails and soon to be chickens. While a Jersey shore girl at heart, living in MA and NH since the late 90s has fully converted me to a New England sports fan and avid skier, hiker and kayaker. I guess I’m a perfectly imperfect, harmonious, and happy runner, who cares deeply for humans, and Mother Nature. Follow me on Instagram @mommabear5786 to see what life in a house of boys, recovery, loud music, a bit of attitude, and nature looks like!

The 2021 Seacoast Gift Guide for Foodies

Your shopping is almost done, except for the serious foodies in your life. Your favorite food lover can be hard to shop for, as their kitchens often are stocked with top-of-the-line gadgets, and they’re...
Culture of Rage

The Culture of Rage – Five Survival Techniques

2020 may have been the year of “What The!?” but 2021 appears to be winding down as the year of the “Culture of Rage”. Signs of emotional/mental exhaustion and extreme frustration are everywhere. It's...

5 Freakishly Fantastic Seacoast Halloween Activities 2021

Get ready for a truly Spook-tacular Halloween! This time of year, we’re busy carving pumpkins, putting together awesome costumes and—let’s be honest— eating all the treats in the house (candy corn anyone?). But when...
Life Lesson from College Drop Off

5 Life Lessons I Learned from My First College Drop Off

Parenting has taught me one life lesson after another over the years; my first college drop off hammered home five of them. I imagined this event countless times and now it’s a reality. After...
Mother's Day and Kids Age

4 Mother’s Day Lessons I’ve Learned from Over the Years

When I was pregnant with my first child, the idea of being grandly celebrated on Mother’s Day had some allure. Hallmark, florists, restaurants and other lifestyle companies have effectively marketed this day for decades....
Caregiving as a mom in 2020

Caregiver, Mother and Mental Health

“I. Just. Can’t.”  “I’m so DONE!” Before last year, I threw those statements around light heartedly or for dramatic effect. Perhaps, one son left half eaten food under his bed. Or maybe a work event,...
Why turning 50 is fabulous for women

Why Fifty is Fabulous – And Not The Ultimate F Word

When my now 18-year-old was a toddler, a family friend threw herself a huge 50th birthday party. Wearing a bright purple dress and dancing to Aretha Franklin, she exuded the vibe that turning fifty...
Removing Holiday Stress

A Stress-Free Holiday Plan in Five Steps

The holiday season is officially here! Even in the insanity of 2020, images of happy, perfectly coiffed families frolicking still dance around the Internet. Every year we are told  what a celebratory family "should...
Peppers Landing Seafood Restaurant

Peppers Landing Offers Fresh, Hip Seafood Surprises in Rochester

As 2020 winds down, thoughts of festive, holiday meals dance in our heads. Many are expressing the desire to support local restaurants by supplying their whole celebrations’ meals via take out. My family usually...
Dark Side of Mommy Wine Culture

Mommy Wine Culture – Signs of the Dark Side

Memes and photos showing well-coiffed moms holding glasses of alcohol populate the Internet. The images of the "Mommy Wine Culture" are often funny, relatable and usually have a long thread of “Girl, Right?” comments. They...
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