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Seacoast Moms Speaker Series on Race

Seacoast Moms Speaker Series On Race

We are thrilled to announce our (Virtual) Seacoast Moms Speaker Series on Race! After the murder of George Floyd, we at Seacoast Moms are taking a good, hard look at ourselves as a website. From...
Imaginative Play Ideas for Preschoolers

Imaginative Play Ideas for Preschoolers From Your Recycling Bin

If you see someone picking through your recycling out on the curb, don't be alarmed, it's likely just one of the teachers from The Children’s Garden Preschool. Imagination and creation are languages children know...

Flexible Seating Ideas for Remote Learning from a Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist and a parent of three kids, I've always been concerned with my children’s posture. Now that we are remote schooling, I'm even more interested in flexible seating ideas now I...

5 Ways To Support Your Teen During Crisis: An Expert Weighs In

Before we dive in, just know you are doing better than you think you are. Truly. We are currently living in unprecedented and uncertain times. Teenagers are adjusting to this “new normal” during a very...
Easter Desserts Recipes - white chocolate ganache

3 Easter Dessert Recipes Your Family Will Love

We are thrilled to have a guest writer sharing her recipes today! Welcome, Vanessa Minery. Follow her on Instagram at @rudiments.of.gruel (but prepare to swoon over the amazing pictures and delicious recipes!). Today, she's...
Kate and Keith Photography

Faces of Our Seacoast with Kate and Keith Photography

Maine Wedding Photographers Kate and Keith Photography hit the streets to capture business owners of Portsmouth and Kittery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using their experience in brand photography, Kate Harris and Keith Tharp documented...
Raya On Assignment

Faces of Our Seacoast with Raya On Assignment

Raya of Raya on Assignment is a Seacoast brand photographer. She shares her story on multiple stages, gives voice to the community on her platform People of Portsmouth, and inspires individuals with her positivity, mindset,...
karen wituszynski photography

Faces of Our Seacoast with Karen Wituszynski Photography

Photographer Karen Wituszynski has been taking photos of Seacoast families in the Dover area. She's been raising money for the Dover Children's Home that serves adolescents in the area with residential and educational program. Karen...

Social-Distancing Resources for Families – We Can Do This

This is an unprecedented time. Now, more than ever, we have to lean on each other. Virtually, that is. We at Seacoast Moms are committed to bringing you helpful social-distancing resources for families. From homeschooling...
Coronavirus FAQs

A Pediatrician Answers FAQs from Parents about COVID-19: Part 2

This post has to do with PREVENTION/PREPARATION: "Prepare, don't panic." This is the second post in a series. Part 1: The Basics of the Virus Part 3: Community Mitigation and Social Distancing 1) Best practices for stopping...