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Valentine’s Day at Home with Some Seacoast Favorites & A GIVEAWAY

Valentine's Day 2021 is going to be different. Theme of our last 11 months, right?? While there are a few local restaurants offering safe dining options, chances are, you're staying home this Valentine's Day.  Romance...

Personalized Video Messages from Santa for Christmas

2020 is weird. We know. But we also know that Christmas is still happening! That's why we asked Santa to record personalized video messages for the children of the Seacoast.  Buy your tickets here and...

The 2020 Seacoast Moms Holiday Gift Guide: Locals Only

We present our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide -- most ambitious holiday gift guide yet. Every image is clickable, to make shopping locally as easy as possible this year. 
child in swing from a tree - benefits of climbing trees for children

The Benefits of Climbing Trees for Children

This fall, Pre-Kindergarten students (who range from ages three to five at Berwick Academy) engage in our outdoor classroom experiences. While outdoor play and learning are cornerstones of the Berwick experience, I also pulled...

Acton Academy Seacoast: A Hero’s Journey in a Time of Uncertainty

When my husband and I visited New England in the Fall of 2018 for our 10 year anniversary, we didn't know that less than two years later we’d be trekking across the country with...
mother reading to three children -- homeschooling in new hampshire

Homeschooling in New Hampshire 101: Where to Start

I never imagined homeschooling my own children. In fact, I remember going from homeschool to attend high school at St. Thomas Aquinas thinking, “That was great, but I’d never want to do that with...
Seacoast Moms Speaker Series on Race

Seacoast Moms Speaker Series On Race

We are thrilled to announce our (Virtual) Seacoast Moms Speaker Series on Race! After the murder of George Floyd, we at Seacoast Moms are taking a good, hard look at ourselves as a website. From...
Imaginative Play Ideas for Preschoolers

Imaginative Play Ideas for Preschoolers From Your Recycling Bin

If you see someone picking through your recycling out on the curb, don't be alarmed, it's likely just one of the teachers from The Children’s Garden Preschool. Imagination and creation are languages children know...

Flexible Seating Ideas for Remote Learning from a Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist and a parent of three kids, I've always been concerned with my children’s posture. Now that we are remote schooling, I'm even more interested in flexible seating ideas now I...

5 Ways To Support Your Teen During Crisis: An Expert Weighs In

Before we dive in, just know you are doing better than you think you are. Truly. We are currently living in unprecedented and uncertain times. Teenagers are adjusting to this “new normal” during a very...
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