Hello, I’m Stephanie! I grew up climbing trees and chasing fireflies here in NH, and I love watching my son Rohan do the same! I adore the Seacoast’s close-knit community and constant stream of wholesome family activities, and I feel grateful to be here. I have a Master’s in English Education and have taught both at home and abroad. Writing has been a quiet passion of mine since childhood, and I admire anyone who has the courage to put pen to paper and express themselves. My husband and I are from different cultures, so ours is a multicultural, bilingual home. We divide our time and hearts to family both in the U.S. and India, trying to give our son the best of both worlds. It isn’t always easy balancing here and there, but I grew up watching my European parents do the same. They taught me to be curious, appreciative, and respectful when merging two cultures, because you find more silver linings than roadblocks. This inspires me to be a better mother every day.

The ABCs of Motherhood

Do you ever just sit back in amazement of all that has happened to you since becoming a mother? We evolve in so many ways. It seems like just yesterday we were announcing our...
Yoga: Six Gentle Poses That Get Me Through a Tough Day

Yoga: Six Gentle Poses That Get Me Through a Tough Day

Back in the nineties, I bought a yoga video that ended up becoming a big part of my life. The gentle poses featured in the video that taught me how to relax and be...
Online Learning: How My Friend's Son's $10,000 Scholarship Reminded me it Exists

Online Learning and How It Fits Into Your Parenting Toolbox

It's not every day that your best friend calls you up and says, "Ethan won a $10,000 scholarship! And a trip to Boston from an online learning program!" Even more impressive to me was...
Why I Bought My Son a Three-Year Journal

Why I Bought My Son a Three-Year Journal

Many kids love to keep a journal. I know, because I kept a secret notebook under my mattress as a little girl. My journal was the perfect place to be myself and not have to...
Helping Kids Deal with Setbacks

Helping Kids Deal With Setbacks

Setbacks are a part of life. Each one of us has experienced big disappointments after big efforts. Dealing with setbacks is difficult for everyone, and it can be excruciating for our children--especially when their...
What Not to Regret

What Not to Regret at the End of the Year

"Will I regret this?" is a question many of us ask ourselves. It sounds negative, but it actually keeps us focused. At the end of the year, we all do a little pause for reflection.  What gave...
Best Science Kit

Best New Science Kit for Kids: DIY Electro Dough by Eduporium

We're excited to partner with Eduporium to share this fun and educational new company! The DIY Electro Dough Science Kit Are you tired of toys that limit your child's problem-solving skills rather than enhance them? Do...
Easy Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

An Easy Oatmeal Cookie Recipe for Busy Moms

Does the weather outside make you want to bake--and eat---an oatmeal cookie? One of the joys of the fall season is baking. There is something magical about the red, yellow, and orange leaves blowing...
Setting Goals: Simple Goal Setting Within Motherhood

Things To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

We all love to watch our kids enjoy Halloween. They have so much fun dressing up and trick-or-treating with friends! But what most of us don't enjoy is the large mass of Halloween candy they accumulate....
Road Trips with Kids:5 Activities to Pass Travel Time

Road Trips With Kids: 5 Activities to Pass Travel Time

We spend a lot of time in our cars and, now that fall is here, we travel a lot. Family weekend trips to apple orchards and pumpkin patches are in full swing. And many of us...
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