Hello, I’m Taylor! I am Mama to three beautiful kids, ages five and three, and a brand new little guy who is snuggling me as I write this. Parenting with my amazing partner James has sent us on a quest to craft the very best life we can imagine for our family. To us, that means that each of us (kids included) can pursue our passions while spending as much time as possible together as a family unit. Since 2011, we have moved three times and both changed careers multiple times. We’re now happily settled in the Seacoast, a truly special place that we think will be our forever home. We both work from home, trading time spent working and time spent with our kids. We are passionate about our homeschooled children taking the lead in their own learning and our days are spent supporting them and their interests. I am a birth and postpartum doula and co-founder of New Mama Project, a site filled with resources and support to help new mothers navigate the postpartum transition and the profound identity shift of becoming a mom. I love exploring the Seacoast, dreaming about traveling, learning to knit, and reading and talking about homeschooling and unschooling.
expecting pelvic health

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Pelvic Health: Physical Therapist Dr. Ryan Bailey

Expecting Pelvic Health: Online Support for Moms and Moms-to-be Do you expect pelvic health? Or are you resigned to living with pain, discomfort, and possibly even incontinence during your childbearing years and beyond? Dr. Ryan...

5 Tips for Creating Your Birth Plan

Every doula knows that you can't actually plan your birth because birth, by nature, is mysterious and spontaneous. It follows its own path, and no matter how hard we may want to control it,...
Your Birth Story Matters...and a Seacoast theater event about birth

Your Birth Story Matters: Celebrate With Us Mother’s Day Weekend

Birth stories are incredibly powerful--and each of our stories matter. Have you shared your birth story? Have you processed your own birth experience? For most of us, the stories of how we birthed our children...

A Slacker’s Guide to Preserving Family Photos

There's something incredibly special about looking through family photos from my childhood. Recently, my dad gave me a couple of large shoe boxes filled with pictures from my childhood. Dusting off and opening up...
3 Things this Doula Wants You to Know About Birth

3 Things This Doula Wants You to Know About Birth

As a doula, and a mother of three children who experienced wildly different births, I have learned so much about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. I'm always learning more, both as a result of my experiences...
Finding Something Other than Balance

Finding Something Other than Balance

As a culture, we talk a a lot about finding balance and doing things in moderation. "Balance" is offered up as the solution to many of the challenges of mothering and family life. How...
A winter wellness recipe: thrive instead of survive this winter

A Winter Wellness Recipe: Thrive Instead of Survive This Winter

A couple of winters ago, my mom gifted me with a spot in a beautiful online retreat called Hibernate. Each day, we received an email with ideas to help us make the best of...

A Unique Christmas Tradition Your Family Will Love

Creating special Christmas traditions makes the holiday season so memorable for many families. Growing up, my family had one Christmas tradition that nobody else I knew shared. Some of my absolute favorite childhood memories are...
Eat your Veggies! Ideas for Feeding Your Kids With Less Stress

Eat Your Veggies! Ideas for Feeding Your Kids–with Less Stress

It's not hard to get stressed out what we feed our kids. We feel it's important that they eat healthy, well-balanced meals. They need to avoid too much sugar and preservatives and develop healthy eating...
A Radical Postpartum Plan

After the Baby Arrives: A Radical Postpartum Plan

My first child was born via cesarean. Within the first 24 hours of his life, at least 12 different family members and friends visited us. I was exhausted, recovering from major surgery, grieving over a...
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