I'm Whitney! I'm a clinical social worker and therapist with a private practice in downtown Portsmouth [www.whitneywesthelle.com]. I've lived here for 13 years and I love living here so much, I imported friends from across the country. I live with my husband and our two kids who remind me what is important. I think that life is better when you are surrounded by people you love, that the little things in life are the big things and that there is nothing wrong with putting ice in my Chardonnay.

Telehealth: 6 Things to Know When Virtually Connecting to Your Therapist

Hopefully you were inspired to reach out and get support to take care of your mental health during this time of upheaval, uncertainty, and grief. For now, virtually (pun intended) all therapists are now...
Seacoast therapists

Seacoast Therapists Accepting New Clients and Offering Telehealth

Who else is feeling the strain on their mental health? We know that moms are the emotional core of most families, so when mom isn't doing well, it's bound to trickle down to other...
adult adhd in women

Adult ADHD: It’s Time to Pay Attention

While it’s easy to think of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder as a childhood disorder, that's only telling part of the story. Adult ADHD affects a significant portion of the population yet receives very little attention....
Woman looking in mirror

Be Kind to Yourself: How Self-Compassion Can Change Your Life

I want to tell you about this woman I know. We know each other really well. Sometimes I love her, sometimes she's unbearable. Frenemies might be a good way to describe it.  There are probably...

5 Reasons You (Yes, You) Need a Moped: Scooting Around the Seacoast

Mopeds are all the rage in the millennial scene and it's easy to see why. No, it's not just because of the street cred it gives you when you roll up to grab your...

We all Scream for Ice Cream: A Guide to Seacoast Ice Cream Shops

Ice cream is good all year round but it's particularly good in the summer on the Seacoast, Here's our list of favorite Seacoast Ice Cream shops! We won't judge you if you visit them...

Validation: A Relationship Superskill

Validation is the simple but alarmingly difficulty task of observing, acknowledging, and accepting another person's point of view. To validate and accept their point of view doesn't mean that you necessarily agree with what they...
mom friends

Mom Tribe: The 5 Mom Friends You Need in Your Life

Call it what you want to call it: your tribe, your clique, your posse, your kula, whatever you want. We all get by with a little help from our friends. Having a group of...

Five Steps to Find a Therapist for your Child

It's daunting. A little frustrating. Totally overwhelming. But, it's time. For whatever reason, it's time to find a therapist for your child. Below are five tips for finding the best mental health therapist for...
grandparents are the best

8 Reasons Grandparents are the Best

My kids may have hit the jackpot with their grandparents. I consider myself lucky in that both my parents are still alive, as are my husband's parents. In another stroke of luck, we live...