A Seacoast Librarian Recommends: 9 Picture Books to Celebrate Spring


It’s SPRING! There’s nothing like young kids to make you celebrate the magic of muddy, rainy and warm weather days! These spring picture books will get you tromping through mud puddles, listening to the rain dance on your umbrella, and checking out those peeper ponds.  Age guidelines are included but don’t feel locked in. Just check it out and take it home – that’s beauty of your local library — it’s free and has a great return policy! What are your favorite spring reads?

Spring Picture BooksSidewalk Flowers by Jon Arno Lawson and Sydney Smith.  

You know those dandelions you tuck in a vase by the sink because your child just presented it to you like a precious jewel? This wordless book is a tribute to all of those sidewalk flowers. A little girl is scurried along a busy black and white world by her father. Along the way she finds colorful flowers tucked in sidewalk cracks and subway stairs. As she shares her urban wildflowers with those she passes she adds a little bit of color to the world she sees.  (Ages 3+)


Spring Picture BooksWhat Will Grow written and illustrated by Jennifer Ward.  

Bright illustrations and playful words show how different seeds grow into such different plants. From a dandelion seed to a pumpkin seed, this book will spark curiosity and conversation – perfect for those kids who are noticing these little details in life. (Ages 2+)



Spring Picture BooksSinging in the Rain  based on the song by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown. Illustrated by Tim Hopgood

Grab the raincoat, boots and umbrella and head outside!  A motley crew of puddle stompers frolic through the pages of this joyful book. I dare you not to get this song stuck in your head! (Ages 2+)




Spring Picture BooksIn the Small, Small, Pond written and illustrated by Denise Fleming.

Using vibrant colors and handmade paper, Denise Fleming earned a well-deserved Caldecott Honor (the highest award for picture book illustration) for this gem. Follow the frog it dives under and leads you on an adventure of all the pond animals. Wiggle, waggle, jiggle and waddle with each new pond friend! (Ages 2 +)


Spring Picture Booksand then it’s spring by Julie Fogliano. Illustrated by Erin E. Stead.

Erin Stead is one of my favorite illustrators and this is one of her best, maybe my favorite. Follow a little boy and his dog as they head out to the brown spring fields wishing, and hoping for a little bit of green to appear.  Mixed with humor and minute details on each page, this book has few enough words to amuse the littles with enough fun to entertain your bigs.  (Ages 3+)


Spring Picture BooksA Nest is Noisy written by Dianna Aston. Illustrated by Sylvia Long.  

This book is part of a gorgeous nonfiction series which also includes A Rock Is Lively, An Egg Is Quiet  and a Beetle Is Shy. While not strictly a spring book, this book includes basic but detailed facts about animals who build nests accompanied by stunning illustrations. From the tiniest humming bird to the most boisterous orangutan, kids will love exploring the similarities and differences of all kinds of nests. (Ages 4+)



Spring Picture BooksEggs 1 2 3 written by Janet Halfmann, Illustrated by Betsy Thompson.

This book is such winner: counting + lift the flap + animal fun=perfection! These bold cut-paper collage illustrations show us all sorts of egg-laying animals and their babies. Simple language with fun facts make this a sure hit for everyone. Spring is a great time to look for and talk about all those hatching creatures and this book will get you thinking of even more! (Ages 2+)



Spring Picture Books

Umbrella by Taro Yashima.

One of my top 10 preschool read-alouds! Momo is a preschooler who is 

desperate for a rainy day so she can use the new umbrella and rain boots she got for her birthday. When the day finally comes, Momo is mesmerized by the magical song of the drops on the canopy – pom – pat-a pom.   Author/Illustrator Taro Yashima’s uses simple illustrations and rhythmic words to perfectly capture the spirit of a small girl relishing in the magic of a rainy day. (Ages 3+)


Spring Picture BooksWake Up, Baby Bear! by Lynn Plourde. Illustrated by Teri Weidner.

Baby Bear refuses to wake up after staying up way too late in the Fall. Finally, Mama Robin gets him moving. You’ll love the Baby Bear series that Maine author, Lynn Plourde and Portsmouth illustrator, Teri Weidner, have created. Celebrate local talent and spring with this sweet story of friendship and teamwork!  (Ages 4+)