The coast of New Hampshire and southern Maine is a hotbed for great beer (and distilleries!). As parents, many of us love beer and booze, and the community of Seacoast breweries and distilleries around is unparalleled. Enjoy our round-up...
Hit Your Local Seacoast Libraries: Don't Miss Out! There are several Seacoast-area libraries and each features unique classes, special movie times, and even Lego clubs. If you're not already a frequent visitor, start visiting! With tons of free activities for...
Why not "park it" at your favorite Seacoast area playgrounds now that the weather is nice? The best thing about playgrounds is that they require little to no planning on your part, and can open up a world of...

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How Seacoast Hikes Saved My Sanity

Parenting during the pandemic hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m one of those moms who really can’t stand the clutter, the noise,...
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