Flashback to when I was a young, twenty-something new elementary teacher: I loved teaching! Life was great, yet - the thing that kept me up at night?  The parents (of one of the kids in my class) were going through...
I always wanted a big family. As an only child, I begged my parents for siblings relentlessly. I loved my cousins' big families and I always had such a fun time when I was with them. Early as a...
As you may know I am divorced, remarried and have a blended family. It's been several years since my first husband and I split up: we have a few years of being apart yet co-parenting under our belts. And...

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Family Friendly Hikes in Portsmouth and Nearby

It’s time to think about summer and family summer outings. Portsmouth and the surrounding Seacoast have some great trails that are kid-friendly. Here are...
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