8 Lifestyle Accessories That Make Life Easier


These lifestyle accessories are helpful and make life easier, more comfortable and more functional. These 8 picks are game changers for me and my family! Here are my can’t-live-without picks and reasons why they make the cut. 

Wall Mounted Clothes Hanger

Wall Mounted Clothing Hanger $14.88

Whether for business or pleasure, deciding what to wear for an event can take some thought. This helpful accessory allows you to see clothing selections and pairings independent of your entire wardrobe. Plus, you avoid clothes strewn messily all over the bed. 

This clothing hanger also saves my family when we travel. Not only did I use it to pack my entire crew for a vacation but it came in handy when picking coordinating outfits for our family photo shoot. My husband travels extensively and also loves using it while packing for trips.

Closet hanger4
Closet hanger
Closet hanger2
Closet hanger3

It’s also inconspicuous when not in use. Just remember to fold it down when done to avoid your 6’2″ spouse losing an eye in the middle of the night. Sorry, honey! He’s fine, both eyes are fine and this is still one of our favorite accessories.

Tip: I use a velvet tie hanger for necklaces and bracelets. They’re able to hang freely, not tangled. And it’s mobile, so I can hang it wherever I want. Jewelry pairing made easier when you can see it right next to your outfits. (Careful for snags, see below ?)

Black Velvet Tie Hanger $4.79
No tangles
Easy matching

Mini Steamer

My Little Steamer by Joy Mangano $15.99

This item saves so much time and space compared to an iron! Instead of pulling out the iron and ironing board for every wrinkle, you can sweep this across a blouse or collar a few times and say “goodbye” to wrinkles! My daughters, ages 11 and 14, use it for themselves often. It is compact, ready for use immediately, easy to pack and comes with me on every getaway. In fact, this is such a helpful and functional item in our home that it was one of my first things I ever wrote about on my blog. I love it so much and makes life easier every single day!


Clothing Liners

These run about $9.

These liners adhere directly to your clothing’s underarm area. They are perfect for those times we want to wear camisoles and tanks, but still need an outer layer. These handy things protect blazers and jackets from perspiration and deodorant stains and also reduce dry cleaning expenses. They’re not glamorous but they definitely make my life easier!

Tip: If I anticipate having to take off my blazer/jacket/sweater in public, I trim the liners smaller to make them more discreet. 



Fashion Tape 

Lifestyle Accessories
Fashion Tape costs around $10.

Have a low/open cut blouse you need to keep in place? Want to insert padding into a bralette? Sleeves won’t stay rolled? Need to keep a scarf in place? Son’s dress pants too long? Need to fix these things in a hot second?

ANSWER: Fashion Tape, for all of the above ☝???


For Clothing Snags

This teeny tiny mighty tool has saved the life of several pieces of my clothing. It’s a needle with an abrasive end that pulls a snagged thread from the outside to the inside. It hides the unsightly loose thread, but more importantly, can prevent a pull from turning into a hole or tear. Many a velcro-clad toddler of mine has snagged favorite shirts or dresses. Other times, it’s even my jewelry’s fault. These little tools make life easier by relieving some serious anxiety.

Tip: The 2 pack is the better deal: one for car, one for your purse.

Best deal 2 pack $6.95 (1 for purse and 1 for car)
Great for thicker fabrics and sweaters $3.72
Single $6.07

Bra Converters

Lifestyle Accessories - Bra Converter
Bra converter solutions run around $9-$16.

These products solve all those low back, no back and halter back shirt and dress problems! Summer is here, people. It’s finally time to take off the wool sweaters!

All of these products are super inexpensive and easy to use — let’s make life easier, not more complicated. I take so much inspiration from posts like these because, as moms, we do so much. 


Shoe Inserts

We all need to have comfy feet. Please know, I will be the 90 year old lady crossing the road extremely slowly in my heels (yes they will last that long) and walker if needed. I will definitely need these to make life easier, comfortable and more functional. Various forms of shoes inserts are in nearly every pair of high-heeled shoes I own. You can trim them for perfect no-show placement and size accommodation. 

During pregnancy, nursing and times when I was heavier, my shoes were a 1/2-to-full size larger. Putting in a heel and/or ball of foot insert makes them fit just right allowing me to wear them today, 4 years postpartum. (My doctor says I no longer qualify for postpartum status ? I don’t agree, but fine.)

Side note: There was an Instagram ad for pain-free high heel insoles, so I bought them. My plan is to try them when I’m in Las Vegas with my sister. I’ll let you know how this lifestyle accessory measures up!



Invisibelt $19.50

This tops my list of lifestyle accessories we all need– I love it! I ended with this because it’s my favorite: it is truly invisible under clothes. Mine is at least 5 years old and still going strong. A definite #styleessential #closetstaple and #wardrobenecessity ?

Invisibelt Clear
So flat, you'd never know there's a belt under there
Perfect for form fitting tops
No bulky belt buckle

That’s it, my friends! Much more could be added to this compilation of top picks ? so I’ll be sure to share to share more soon. Until then, enjoy these shares and follow me here! Plus, feel free to message me with what you want to hear from me. 

Please tell us about YOUR top lifestyle accessories picks in comments below! What accessories make life easier for you? Seacoast Moms and I would love to hear from you. 

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