3 Tips to Stay Healthy During Covid, Cold and Flu Season


Knock-knock [must knock-on-wood before next sentence…] ???? So far, my family has been healthy. We’re just all doing the best we can to stay healthy during Covid, while trying to have some normalcy in life. So, I wanted to share a few things our family’s been doing to stay healthy during Covid, cold and flu season.

Here are 3 Tips to Stay Healthy During Covid, Cold and Flu Season

1 ~ Nasal Rinsing. 

I’ll never forget my first Neti-pot experience. Very bad. Gasping, flailing, reaching for a life preserver — I was drowning. It’s a blur, but I survived. Anyways, I don’t recommend the Neti-pot or any spray or bottle where you use the same nozzle over and over. Way too germy. They harbor bacteria if you don’t clean them properly. And honestly, who has the time to be boiling a pot to disinfect it every time you use it? Not me. 

Solution? Solution. Literally, nasal saline solution. Sterile, premade, individual ampules. It’s the perfect, small amount for a quick rinse. When your nasal passages are dry it feels so soothing. Just lean your head to the side and forward when you do it, not BACK. Do not tilt your head back or you will feel like you’re drowning. 

* I admit, still figuring out the lean/tilt thing. As a person who cannot gargle, I’ll just stop giving technique instructions. But never mind that. The point is still the same. It feels very soothing, and it flushes out allergens and germs

2 ~ Change your toothbrush.

If you can’t remember the last time your kids did this, then I’d say it’s time. It can’t hurt. The ADA says to change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Also, if the bristles are frayed or bending, time for a new one.

* As an RDH, I cannot not say this: Floss your teeth. And your kids. I know, flossing isn’t easy! But my conscience wouldn’t let me leave it out. Honestly, you do remove and disrupt so much oral bacteria when you floss, so that’s all I’ll say about the matter (Except for suggesting this COCOFLOSS splurge to make it fun and yummy! We got the mixed fruits package, and I love them!)

3 ~ Launder your bedding.

Of the 3 tips to stay healthy during covid, cold and flu season, this is not a fun one. Moms, I know. Laundry is dreadful enough, notwithstanding, extra. Despite the hassle, it is admittedly, one of the best feelings ever when you climb into a fresh, clean bed. It is said that we spend half a lifetime in bed. I mean, if you think about it, it would be like wearing the same clothes everyday for weeks on end. Granted, your sheets aren’t going out in public, but you see the parallel, right? Before Covid, we changed ours every two weeks, because the kids always bathed before sleep. Now we (try) to do once a week, because we added little Furry???? to the family. Plus, they’re spending more time just hanging out in their beds, since Covid + that’s just Teens.

It’s unrealistic to wash or dry-clean a duvet or comforter every 2 weeks, so always use a duvet cover. For both types of bed-spreads, throw a decorative blanket on top, one that’s easily washable. Even when the beds are fully made, think of how much the kids sit on them during the day and with their friends. Definitely, worth it to keep extra clean these days.

Pillows are a must-wash item. On hot. Then dry on slow-medium with tennis balls. If you have non-washable pillows, be sure to use a protective pillowcase, then slip your regular pillowcase on top. Preferably silk for us moms! Silk pillowcase article here. 

* For sleepovers, use a twin air mattress. We have an easy self-inflatable one from Amazon for $31. Ask the friend to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow, as the last thing you need are more sheets to wash. And fold.

More important than the 3 tips on how to stay healthy during Covid, cold and flu season and the #1 universal precaution against Covid right now…


Thank you to all who do! Especially, the children. I am so proud of these kids who wear their masks every day, wherever they go. To school and now during sports. From the youngest to the teens, it’s so hard! But they’re doing it! Lastly, thank you to the parents and caregivers who wear the masks, supply the masks, wash them constantly and remind everyone endlessly. From me and all the moms I know, we recognize and are so appreciative of all the precautions, extra cleaning and tedious effort you make to keep our kids and community safe. Thank you!! 

Here’s an article from last year with more germ-fighting tips on how to stay healthy. Remember when we JUST had colds and regular flus to worry about?

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