Best Holiday Gifts For Moms Who Love A Massage


Woman getting a massage - Holiday gifts for moms

During this pandemic, we are all finding new ways to relax and take care of ourselves. If you, your partner, or another mom you love is absolutely in love with massages, here are some great holiday gifts for moms who love (and need) a massage.

  • Massage Certificates from You: If this person is within your safety and closeness bubble, you can always offer them a free hand or neck massage. You can turn it into a fun holiday gift by offering them a gift massage certificate by you.
  • The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork and Handle Extender: This one is my absolute favorite self-healing and massage tool. You can massage your whole body and face by gently activating the tuning fork and sliding it on your body. It leaves you feeling absolutely refreshed and renewed. It would make a wonderful gift for the mom who is tired all the time.
  • Ayurvedic Sesame Massage Oil: This warming Ayurvedic oil is wonderful for self-massaging your hands, feet, and entire body. Gift it to yourself, your partner, or any moms you know and love! Try Dover Natural Foods or Portsmouth Health Food Store to grab it locally. 
  • Massage Balls: When you want to get to those hard to reach but fun to roll massage spots in your back, these balls get the job done. I love that you can play and breathe with them while releasing tension in your trigger points. This one is for the mom who loves to roll around on the ground doing yoga poses while everyone else is sitting on the couch and watching TV.
  • Yoga Wheel: This new invention has earned my heart and soul after a few rolls with it on the floor. It uses your body weight to massage the muscles around your spine and gives you a delicious backbend. It is a great gift for the yogini mom in your life. 
  • Rose Quartz Face Massager: An amazing mini-massage tool that you can use while watching your favorite show. This would make a great gift for the mom who is a binge Netflix watcher. janegee in downtown Portsmouth (or online) is a great place to grab one!
  • Soft Foam Roller: One of my all-time favorite tools to release muscle and fascia tension. This is for the athletic mom in your life who needs daily loving care for their sore muscles.
  • Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine: If you are ready to splurge then this machine is absolutely worth it. It has become my go-to tool for taking a much-needed break from life and enjoying a gentle and relaxing foot massage in the privacy of my home. This is a wonderful gift for the mom who deserves everything (hint: it’s you!).

What other self-massage tools do you use and love? Please share because they could make the perfect holiday gifts for moms who need a massage!

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