Three Simple Ways to Ease Your Child’s Congestion


We are rolling into that time of year where stuffy noses become all to common. Also known as the “tackle and hold down a grumpy kid to wipe a nose” months. There are a million things that you can stick up noses and suck out snot, but in my experience no kiddo loves that. So here are a three simple ways to ease congestion without a tear or a wrestling match.

Fresh Eucalyptus in a Steamy Shower

I started doing this a few years ago and not only does it clear a stuffy nose, it also makes you feel like you’re at a spa. Once the colder months hit, I pick up a fresh bunch of eucalyptus and tie it around my shower head. If my kids are taking a tub I turn the shower on first to fill the tub and crunch some of the eucalyptus leaves (while leaving them on the stem) to release some of that awesome scent. The mix of steam and eucalyptus helps ease congestion. I find my eucalyptus at my local grocery store, florist, or even Trader Joe’s. I switch it out about every 1-2 weeks.

Essential Oil Bubble Bath

A friend of mine suggested trying Oilogic Stuffy Nose & Cough Vapor Bath when my son had his first cold.I loved it so much I always have a few bottles on hand and even add it to my own bath when I’m feeling congested.


 I’m not very essential oil savvy for like some of our writers, but this has a great blend of essential oils {they smell wonderful} that your child breathes in while sitting in a warm tub. Again, the combination of this and the steam helps to clear out congestion. Essential oils can be used to help boost a child’s immunity.


I think most of us probably put a humidifier on our baby registries. So if you have one collecting dust in a linen closet, take it out, give it a good clean, and start it up! Keeping the air on the damper side can help ease the symptoms of a cold and also help with dry skin and noses. I run one in all the bedrooms at night once fall hits {this is the one we use}. Make sure you are cleaning the humidifier regularly and try to keep it in a safe place where kiddos wont knock it over. 

Keeping our kids healthy during the cold and flu months can be challenging. These are my tips for helping congestion — share yours below!


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