10 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Shop Locally!


Dads deserve some love and appreciation – and we’ve got some great Father’s Day gift ideas. During this year moms and dads alike have worked really hard at juggling all the aspects of a pandemic-lifestyle including lots and lots of home time, virtual school, work, entertaining the children, and so much more.

We’ve got some great last minute Father’s Day gift ideas that will wow any dad! We always encourage you to shop local. 

1. Guitar Lessons

Has your dad or husband ever said “I wish I knew how to play guitar?” Well now’s a great time to help dad fulfill a lifelong goal. Or maybe he played in high school and would like some refresher lessons to reignite his passion for playing. Plus having a hobby is a great stress reliever. My husband plays guitar and treats his weekly lesson like his own personal “therapy” session. 

  2. Scooter or Electric Bike Rental

Ya know dad wants to feel the wind in his hair and zip around town like some bad-ass. Make that happen for dad by splurging on a rental scooter or electric bike for the day.
Pro Tip: Coordinate with other moms for a dad’s day out where they can ride the coast, find a fun coffee shop or bar, and have a chill dad day.

3. Flying Lessons

Take an introductory flying lesson and soar to new heights. The Hampton Airfield crew makes it easy to book your first lesson where you’ll fly around the Seacoast and get the opportunity to take the controls on your first flight.

4. Concert Tickets

5. Craft Beer

There are so many local breweries that serve craft beer to-go; or stay for the food. (I could write a whole blog on this topic so here are a few to get you started). If you recommend any local places, please share with us!
Pro Tip: Get a pint glass from the Brewery to package with the beer or a gift card.

6. Fun Ice Cream Cone 

Does dad have a sweet tooth? Lickey’s & Chewy’s Candies & Cones in Dover serves up Instagram worthy ice cream cone and candy concoctions.  
Charlie’s Ice Cream on Front Street in Exeter serves alcohol infused home made ice cream in it’s family-owned ice cream parlor. Perhaps get a couple scoops of “spiked peaches” in a cone on a bed of cotton candy? Don’t worry, they serve regular ice cream, too.

7. Throwing Axes

Unleash your husband’s inner Jason Mamoa by treating him to a night of throwing axes at Pinz in Portsmouth. They are open 12:00pm – 8:00pm on Father’s Day. Flannel optional.
Pro Tip: Make is a date night. Throwing axes is 18+. There is bowling at Pinz if you want to make it a family adventure.

8. Quick Trip to Nashville

Allegiant Air out of the Portsmouth International Airport flies to Nashville. This is what we call jet setting! In a few short minutes park your car at Pease and board your flight to Nashville or St. Pete, Florida. Now all you have to do is book the babysitter and whisk your hubby away for a long weekend. He deserves it!

9. Boxing Lessons

Dads need to burn off stress too. Or maybe he’s looking for that summer bod! Whatever the case, boxing classes could be a fun activity and an opportunity to try a new fitness activity. (Maybe you’d even want to do it together).

Seacoast hikes and nature walks cover

10. Seacoast Hiking Guide

Don’t think you have to spend loads of money for dad to have a good time. Consider purchasing the online guide for Seacoast Hikes for $4.99 from Seacoast Mom’s own Freelance Adventurer and then create a hiking trail checklist for summer. Take the dad in your life for a hike with this last minute Father’s Day gift that’s as thoughtful as it is easy. 


Get the kids involved too! After reading through the list, have the kiddos make a Dad-Bingo incorporating all sorts of activities to try over the summer – and don’t forget the ice cream. We’ve got you covered with these last minute Father’s Day gift ideas. 

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