Seacoast Experiences: 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Older Kids


Father's Day Gift Ideas for Older KidsDads are pretty special and celebrating them on Father’s Day is always fun! My children love the tradition of wacky ties and handmade cards for their Dad. But in past years, as they’ve gotten older, they want to branch out from hug coupons and cute photos and try new things with him. This year the big idea was an “experience”: something fun and exciting to create a memory with their father. What better place than New England to find a great variety of adventures: a true Seacoast Experience for Father’s Day!

Here are 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Older Kids:

1. Let’s go SURFING!

One of the coolest things about the Seacoast is just that… the SEACOAST!  Did you know that NH has about 18 miles of shoreline? And since summer is almost here, how fun would it be to teach Dad how to surf? Or maybe all learn together? You can sign up for surfing lessons at Cinnamon Rainbows at North Beach, Zapstix on Seabrook Beach or Summer Sessions at Rye Beach or Portsmouth. Cowabunga, dude!   

2. How about a stroll around Fenway Park?

Odds are the dad in your life is a Red Sox fan so why not give him the opportunity to walk around America’s most beloved ballpark with an official tour of Fenway Park?  See the Green Monster, the dugouts and learn the more about the amazing history of a New England tradition and the 2018 World Series champs! 

3.Get in the pits and let’s race! 

Does your dad have a need for speed? You can race each other in your own Formula 1 Karts for the thrill of victory! With a quarter mile of track and (almost) all the twists and turns of Monaco, you and Dad can fulfill your racing dreams at  NH1 Motorplex but MAYBE you can let dad win JUST this once! 

4. Catch your dinner on a real working Lobster Boat!

Here in New England, Dads love lobster and how cool would it be to catch your own? Well, you can at Captain Bob’s Lobster Tours on a 2-hour tour out on the sea with a working lobster boat! The kids and dad can work together to pull and bait traps, band lobster and meet the amazing creatures who hang out with lobsters in the sea. What a cool Father’s Day experience! A great way for older kids and Dad to bond and have stories for years to come! 

And if that is not enough…

5. An 8 person bike? What? YES PLEASE!

Take Dad for a ride and a first of a lifetime experience with a crazy, round, 8 person bike ride! It’s awesome! You will meet owner Kobi Bosunga and you and Dad and family (7 passengers total) can ride up and down the strip listening to music and having a ball!  And it’s only $5 bucks a person. Great fun for Dad AND your budget! 

Maybe they are not little anymore but they still love their dad and want to have a blast with him. Dads rock so however you celebrate them, just love the heck out of them and remind them how important they are! 

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