It’s Time: Cleaning the Most Germ-Ridden Things You Own


On our 107th “back to school” trip to Staples this week, I was shooting the breeze with my one of new red polo shirt besties (I am now like this ?? with the entire Staples staff) while the kids decided what they want to forget this time. As we talked, I saw a giant sized bottle of clear liquid. Vodka, is that you? [Cindy, wake up!] No, it was a giant bottle of hand sanitizer. I quickly grabbed it (back to school means back to sickness, am I right?) and started thinking about what else need some cleaning. Fall is a great time to clean the most germ-ridden things you own.  

Makeup Brushes and Beauty Sponges 

Last September, I gave this same reminder to clean these germ-infested accessories. Whether it’s baby soap, dish soap, facial wash or specially formulated brush cleansers, they all work. Aim for getting your brushes and sponges to rinse and wipe totally clean, then air dry. 

Pro tip: With high-end makeup applicators and hairbrushes, stick with the brand’s recommended cleanser.

Makeup Brushes: some of the most germ-ridden things you own
In 1999, while working for Lancome, I bought these 2 brushes and they’re still going strong. With proper care and cleansing, you can lengthen the life of any product you own.

Hair Brushes 

I use a white distilled vinegar and shampoo mixture to clean my hairbrushes. Easy peasy! 

Pro tip: If you have a wooden paddle brush (like my favorite brush ever from Aveda) do not to submerge it in water. Years ago, when I did submerge and soak it, the wood got too dry and cracked.

My fave styling tools ??


After a summer of sunscreens and lotions, it’s inevitable that your jewelry will dull, tarnish and become a bit yucky. Be sure to take your most cherished pieces to a jeweler for proper cleaning. It’s such a treat when you get them back! I also give my jewelry a dunk in this jewelry cleaner and also specific cleaner for gold and silver. Admittedly, the smell of the cleaner is so strong, I always wonder if there’s a more holistic way to clean. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear what you use! The fashion jewelry that can’t be submerged or has fringe or tassels can be cleaned using a microfiber cloth or special jewelry cloth. 

Pro tip: Prevent tarnishing by placing these anti-tarnish strips in your jewelry box.

Caroline Jewelry Case by Wolf. Comes with anti-tarnish cleaning cloth.

Sunnies and Reading Glasses

These germ-infested accessories are surely begging for a thorough wash with soap and running water. Clean the entire frame and lens, especially the parts that touch your face and ears. You’ll see clearer and it prevents breakouts, as adult acne is a thing, unfortunately. I wash mine and my husband’s, because if I don’t, this is him…



Cell Phone 

I’m not even going to Google this since I want to be able to sleep tonight. But there must be scientific evidence classifying our cell phones as the ultimate petri dish of all diseases known to man. This is, by far I’m sure, top of the most germ-ridden things you own list. I did Google how to properly clean your cell phone and found this article. And please protect your fellow citizens by cleaning your teen’s cell phone too ? 

The most germ-ridden things you own : your laptop and phone
Cell phone, laptop and other devices ??

Last Suggestions for Cleaning Germ-Infested Accessories

  • Change your toothbrush. So easy, so rewarding.
  • Clean out/wipe down the inside of your car. Now that school’s in session, the sports, music and extracurriculars begin full force. It’s only a matter of time before we start spending half our lives on the road. Getting into a clean car can bring forth a little cheer while we zip from town to town. One more beach visit, and I’m doing mine tomorrow!

Have a wonderful fall transition, everyone! Go tackle the most germ-ridden things you own! And thank you for the support and following on the ‘Gram!


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  1. We are only a few weeks in and we’ve already been hit with sickness! Great tips and a good reminder that I need to tackle the makeup brushes!

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