My Love Affair With a Robot Vacuum


I’m not what you would call tech savvy. In fact I’m guessing most would call very un-tech savvy. Sure I can use my iPhone to write an email but I still can’t figure out how to change the clock in my car. I still carry around a planner to write appointments instead of having it all digital. I definitely keep my life as un-techy as possible. Well, that was until my love affair with the robot vacuum.

The moms in my neighborhood kept telling me how magnificent these robot vacuums were but I always figured it was too good to be true. How would it know where to go? Would it get that forever pile of dirt by by front door? The questions were endless. The other piece was that we had a perfectly good Dyson vacuum that did the job just fine, the catch was someone had to push it around. I couldn’t quite justify the expense and the extra gadget that could potentially end up collecting dust somewhere. 

Shop A Sale

The dreamy fairy tale of the robot vacuum was forever on my mind. Most of the time I felt like Cinderella vacuuming and cleaning floors. Except instead of helpful mice I had a family of rabid zoo animals who didn’t care what they stepped in. I was at my wits end with pet fur, crumbs, and who knows what else on my floors. Finally, I decided to take the plunge but waited until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to see if I could find a good sale.

After the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving I sat down and shopped. Hopes weren’t too high, then I found an almost $400 iRobot Roomba 677 for just over $200, plus there was free shipping. As I typed in my credit card info I was still skeptical that this wouldn’t be the fix to all my floor cleaning woes but figured I could always return it.

My Ultimate Self Care My Roomba

A few days later a big old box landed on my doorstep and I’ll never look back. Once our robot vacuum was charged up and rolling, I knew my life would forever be changed. Whose says self care can’t be the robot vacuum rolling around my house and doing some work for me?! There were a few things that happened besides me not having to push around a vacuum.


First off this little robot did an awesome job cleaning the floors. It got under and around the furniture and every room in my house. It did this without getting suck or needing any assistance.


Secondly, I was able to get things done while my floors were getting clean. So even though I felt like this was a little extra for me to purchase, the saying rings true, time is money. Or even truer, money is time in this case.


The last and unexpected twist is that it keeps my little ones completely entertained while it rolls through our house. It also gets them to clean up their toys for fear that the vacuum might suck them up. 


Outsourcing some of the work we do as mothers can make a huge difference. Whether its buying a robot vacuum, using a grocery deliver service, or anything else to take some work off your plate, it’s always worth it! I feel like like the possibilities are endless when with a hit one button and know my floors will be clean without having to lift a finger.  If this love letter to my robot vacuum doesn’t convince you to rush out right now and buy one then maybe this will…I can’t help but yell, “Get it girl!” every time another dust bunny gets sucked up.

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