Normalize Unromantic Gifts this V Day: 4 Ideas to Woo Your Partner


We all know what Valentine’s Day is “supposed” to look like. It’s been marketed to us since we were little! Will you be my Valentine? means showering your beloved in romance. And romance means: Roses. Chocolates. 5 course dinners over candlelight. Ending the night in lingerie. It all feels a bit pre-pandemic, doesn’t it? First of all, most of us are probably having a Valentine’s Day at home. Second of all, Covid shifted our priorities quite a bit. With school closings, health concerns, financial worry, and general anxiety — the things that used to be really important just aren’t any more. Right?

But what if romantic gifts won’t cut it this Valentine’s Day? What if we flip the script on the best way to say I love you this Valentine’s Day?

Hear us out. Particularly for moms, the devil is in the details. The mental load of motherhood is a lot to bear in regular times. Tack on a pandemic? It’s been next to impossible. Thankfully people are starting to notice (in case you missed it, here’s The New York Times article circulating widely that shows the reality moms are living in). 

With stress at an all time high, unromantic gifts will go a long way to let your partner know you really care. 

A few weeks ago, we polled our readers for the best unromantic gifts they received. The most amazing stories emerged! From receiving peanut butter (??) to a car wash gift certificate, the responses were illuminating. With those responses, a lightbulb went off. What if we change the way we do gifts this Valentine’s Day?

4 Unromantic Gift Ideas for Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

  1. Do the dishes. Or like, any other chores they usually do. I once took out the trash and my husband nearly died of gratitude. Doing something they usually do shows them that you notice them and you appreciate them. 
  2. Send them away. If you’re a mom, can you imagine spending even an hour by yourself right now? What if your partner sent you away for a whole day? A whole night? OMG you’d be theirs forever. Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like spending the night alone, am I right? (dead serious, by the way). Cue Rusted Root “Send Me On My Way” as I moonwalk out of here.
  3. Buy them an appliance. At least four of our readers responded to our poll with a story about an appliance. “I got a navigation system!” “My husband got us a dishwasher!” While my brain went to the iconic scene below from Father of the Bride, my heart went “ahh, that’s so sweet!”. How can you make your partner’s life easier with an appliance?! Annie got a blender from Brian. Maybe you can get an air fryer from YOUR partner this VDay?!  
  4. Do the BIG things that show you really think about them. Finally buy life insurance, for example. This past year, more than ever, you probably imagined how your family would cope without you. Things got dark in 2020, ya’ll. Thinking about things like life and home insurance is the real stuff of romance. It isn’t pretty but it is absolutely necessary. 

This Valentine’s Day be sure to keep the spark alive! Just do it differently…

It’s a weird year and honestly, chocolates and roses aren’t going to cut it. Or maybe we should say, don’t JUST get them chocolate and roses. We need to take care of each other in real, tangible ways this year. Let’s flip the script on Valentine’s Day and make unromantic gifts… romantic! 

As far as #4 goes, we have a recommendation for you. When it comes to shopping for the big, important stuff like life insurance? Go with someone local you trust, like the team at Jay Iannini State Farm. Since we started working with Jay and his team a year ago, we’ve noticed how much they really care. It’s not about a job for them, it’s about people. Which is why we’ve including “getting life insurance” as one of our unromantic gift ideas. It really is important! 

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Jay Iannini and his team at State Farm in Seabrook know that our loved ones are the most important. Especially now, in this time of great crisis, we have to protect the ones we love. Whether that’s with life or home insurance, they have you covered. Call them today!

This post is brought to you by Jay Iannini State Farm. We are so lucky to work with sponsors we really like and trust (and we wouldn't have it any other way).
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