4 Ways To Get a Clean Start In the New Year


New Year’s resolutions are often made with good intentions and not-so-great follow through. It could be because we set unobtainable goals for ourselves as if the new year is going to magically fit us in our high school pair of jeans. So instead, let’s resolve to get a clean start in the new year. Here are four ways to do it: 

Clean Up Your Closet

It’s not about fitting in those jeans or not fitting in them. Everything in your closet (and your drawers and that pile of laundry sitting on the dryer) should make you feel great. Wear stuff that you love. That fits your rockin’ bod. Clothes that put a swing in your step during school pickup. If it doesn’t, give it away or Get. Rid. Of. It. 

Clean Up Your Friends List

This is not to sound harsh, and I enjoy Facebook as much as the next gal. But I recently went through my friends list, and I don’t really know some of the people. And as accepting as I try to be, some of my “friends” and I are just not on the same page. It’s OK to make a clean cut from people who don’t lift you up (especially if you can’t remember if they’re from high school or college or… ?). 

Clean Up Your Attitude

I’ve gotten into the habit of saying how CRAZY BUSY I am. It’s my default when someone asks how I am, but I don’t need to go complaining to anyone who offers me a hello. Plus, practicing kindness, deep breaths and a big ole’ dose of positivity (especially when it’s really, really hard) makes me feel pretty great. We could all use a little more great. 

Clean Up Your Schedule

I am so CRAZY BUSY (OK, that was the last time). But honestly, I often put this craziness on myself. I overdo it and overload my schedule, but this year, I’m going to say “no” unless I really want to say “yes.” This includes extra-curriculars, nights out and self-imposed craft projects that I tell myself I have to get done. Keep it clean and just relax. I am going to try my best. 

We all know, resolutions are easy to say and hard to do. But a clean start in the new year may just be the perfect way to kick off 2018.