Daily Skin Care: Back To The Basics


I am a professional product tester.  For real.  Over the years, I have tried every “must have” beauty, skin, and hair care product.  I have tried the expensive stuff, and the CVS stuff.  One thing I’ve gotten kind of psycho about (especially after reaching my 30’s) is my skin care routine.  I have become a big, big believer that when it comes to your skin, LESS IS MORE. 

There are certain things my skin can’t live without, but first a few points I need to share.

  1. Use all natural products. Just do it. And thank me later. You’ll start to see results immediately, and you’ll also feel good about knowing exactly what you’re putting on your face. 
  2. Use oils and use a lot of them. I’ll talk about this more later and what oils to use for what. Don’t worry, oils are not going to make your face oily (shocker, huh?) This is the start to your all natural products – use jojoba, rosehip, avocado & grape seed oil.  Look for something that is pure, unrefined and organic.
  3. Wear sunscreen. PLEASE. Hopefully I don’t need to elaborate on this one.
  4. Switch it up! If you’ve been using the same moisturizer for 28 years, it’s time for something new.

Now, on  to some of my favorite products and methods of taking care of your skin

1. Cleanse

If you haven’t heard of oil cleansing (or you think I sound crazy for ADDING oils to your face to clean it), go look it up!  The basic idea is by using a natural oil to clean your face, you can help balance the oils that are already in your skin. This produces more nourished and moisturized skin than most traditional soap-based cleansers. Essential oils are a wonderful addition to this cleansing method. See below for recommended oils to use for different skin types! I like using this avocado oil with a few drops of Lavender and Frankincense.

Start with a good cleansing base oil and pour enough to fill the palm of your hand.

+ Olive Oil
+ Sunflower Oil
+ Tamanu Oil

+ Jojoba Oil
+ Sweet Almond Oil
+ Grapeseed Oil

+ Avocado Oil
+ Apricot Kernel Oil
+ Argan Oil

Add 1–3 drops of one or more of the essential oils listed below:

+ Lavender
+ Geranium
+ Frankincense
+ Clary Sage

+ Bergamot
+ Helichrysum 

+ Myrrh
+ Rose

2. Moisturize

I also LOVE to use oils as my moisturizer!  Be sure to choose oils that are not pore clogging such as Rosehip oil or Jojoba oil. This is the Rosehip oil that I use. Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter are no-no’s when using natural products on your face. They’ll clog pores and leave your skin actually feeling oily. I also usually add a drop or two of essential oils to my moisturizer following the same guide as above!

3. Tone

To be totally honest, I never thought toner was necessary. Another beauty step? I’m a mom…no time for that! BUT, after doing some research, I realized I had everything at home to make my own toner, and the benefits are amazing. It completes the cleansing of your skin and removes the dust and impurities that can linger after washing with a cleanser.

My favorite way to use this is first thing in the morning when I wake up! Rather than re-washing your face (which should be clean from the night before anyway), spray on your toner, pat it in, and you’re good to go! To make a toner at home, all you need is an amber glass spray bottle and witch hazel! Fill your bottle about 1/4 with witch hazel, then fill with water. I like to fill with Rose Water for added benefits! You can also add Essential oils to your toner. Add 10 drops of Lavender to help combat oil & breakouts, or 10 drops of lemon to reduce the look of blemishes!

4. A few other favorites

  • I love, love, love using an Ice Roller to help reduce swelling & inflammation. Great to use especially in the summertime, or at that time of the month when you’re feeling a little bloated!
  • This serum is a favorite of mine. I use it about once a week instead of the Rosehip oil before bed.
  • Find a good exfoliating cleanser to use about once a week. This one is my favorite.
  • Since you are taking the time to take care of your skin in a natural way, make sure you’re using some quality, natural makeup products as well. Some of my favorite lines of makeup are beautycounter, 100% Pure, Root, and Young Living’s newly-released line of makeup Savvy Minerals.
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