Where Do We Go From Here? Reflection After a Week of Sadness


WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE- (1)Sunday was an ordinary day. I woke up to my two-year-old blowing raspberries in my face and her adorable giggle. Instantly, joy flooded my heart and soul. My children fill me up. It was going to be a great day.

We wandered into the living room. I saw my husband standing in the middle of the room staring at the television. The news was on and I quickly realized something horrific had happened. Reports of a gunman killing 20 and injuring more were flooding in. However, when I realized this took place not only in this country but Orlando, my heart sank. I was born at Orlando General and have friends and family not only living in O-town, but some are firemen and police officers. Thank God they were all safe. Sadly, at least 49 people lost their lives that night and many more injured and still fighting to live. So many families are forever changed.

I called my cousin. She was safe at home all night and her dad, a Batallion Chief in the fire department, was not on the call but on duty. My family was safe and Facebook’s safety check informed me that my friend’s were OK as well. There was nothing more for me to do but go on with my day and pray for those affected. My heart was heavy; my mind was flooded with many thoughts.

My heart was heavy; my mind was flooded with many thoughts.

We left church a few hours later and the heaviness was lightened a little. Driving home, my five-year-old yells over Alvin and the Chipmunks, “Mommy does everyone know about God?” I turned the volume down and thought for a moment.

“Most people probably do know about God but there are probably some who do not.”

I can see the wheels turning. “Well, I was just thinking. What if I’m sitting at a table for dinner and I pray. Wouldn’t that be confusing for the other person if they don’t know God?”

Another moment in my day where my heart filled with joy. I am keenly aware that what I am teaching my children is shaping and molding them into who they will become. “Honey, I am really proud of you to think of someone else’s feelings. You can pray to yourself and the other person can respect that. And if the other person doesn’t want to pray, you can respect their decision, too.”

In my opinion, the world needs to think more like this. Perhaps if that man respected someone else’s right to live their life differently than he did, we wouldn’t be discussing this horrific act. In the current climate around the world we see too much hatred, too much terrorism.

I am choosing to teach my children that because of our humanity we all deserve to be treated equally. It shouldn’t matter if you are a Christian or Muslim, a woman or man, gay or straight, black or white. The list goes on. I choose to teach my children that everyone deserves to live their life without fear or oppression-even if you have a different perspective, different beliefs. No mother should ever have to receive a text message with her son’s last words. Eddie Justice and so many others died that night. Let’s remember them and be a part of the change this world so desperately needs. 


Where do we go from here? What will you teach your children?