I Joined a Nutrition Course and Here’s What Happened


Jumping Into the Whole Body Reset with Blissfully Lively

When approached with the idea of enrolling in a 10-week Whole Body Reset nutrition course with a group of strangers, I knew it was way out of my comfort zone. And I knew that meant I had to do it.

It’s not that I’m opposed to eating well and working out. In fact, I’ve always been fascinated by nutrition. I’ve experimented with various diets over the years–not just to manage my weight, but also in attempts to identify the food my body likes and and the ones I should avoid. While I may think I know a lot about what I’m supposed to do, my lifestyle doesn’t always follow suit. It’s easy to let portions get out of hand, indulge in too many salty snacks, and skip workouts when I’m only answering to myself.

So under the leadership of Lauren Atwood, wellness coach and founder of Blissfully Lively, I committed to a whole body reset. And this is what I learned.

I’m not alone.

It’s a group setting for a good reason. Isolated in our insecurities, it’s easy as moms to beat ourselves up and silently suffer through our eating ruts and exercise droughts. But when I heard other moms share the daily struggles that were so familiar to me, I realized my challenges weren’t unique. In fact, these ladies weren’t unlike me at all.

It turns out I wasn’t the only one pushing through the day making healthy choices then crumbling on the couch after bedtime “rewarding” myself with that extra glass of wine and a box of cheesy, crunchy goodness. The next morning, plagued with regret, I would vow to do better. And I did…until my kids drove me to my wits’ ends, I couldn’t face another dirty dish, and I would find myself curled up a soft cushion begging for Pinot and brie to “take me away!”

Habits. Mindfulness. Awareness. Breaking the cycle and “rewarding” myself with things I would not regret the next day were part of what I learned from Lauren. 


Sometimes it’s as simple as a smoothie.

I’ve been a smoothie girl for years. Most mornings I whip up smoothies to share with my kids, patting myself on the back knowing we’ve all ingested at least one serving of veggies for the day.

However, I rarely made it to lunchtime without a hearty snack. And if I did, I was ravenous. Lauren redesigned my smoothie by creating the perfect balance of proteins and fats to keep me satiated and energized until my next meal. She explained I was using WAY too much fruit and no healthy fats, spiking my blood sugar and triggering cravings soon after breakfast. By reworking my ingredients, I still enjoy a delicious smoothie but now remain satisfied throughout the morning.

I’m an “Obliger”.

One of my favorite sessions was taking Gretchen Rubin’s “Four Tendencies” quiz. By identifying our tendencies, we discover the ways our strengths and weaknesses impact how we reach our health and fitness goals. The quiz results provided me with my tendency, along with a simple description. I was described as an “obliger”, which means I rely on accountability to keep me on track. I can easily let myself off the hook and justify bad choices if nobody is keeping me in check. It was not much of a surprise that the majority of our group were also “obligers.” Coaching and teamwork offer us the most effective tools to our personal success. This was a powerful and revolutionary realization!

Not all ingredients are created equal.

I always cook with olive oil. I know the endless benefits of coconut oil and that high-fructose corn syrup is a NO-NO-NO! What I did NOT know is that almost every packaged item (even the natural, “healthy” ones) contain over-processed and potentially health-hazardous oils like canola, corn, partially-hydrogenated, and refined sesame grapeseed. 

Sorting through my kids’ snacks options, it was disappointing to find one of these ingredients in almost each item. This program showed me that, though it’s initially overwhelming, making better food choices is really quite simple. Selecting whole foods and avoiding packaged treats leads to cleaner, healthier eating for the whole family. And I am now armed with the knowledge to do so.

I can strength train without lifting dumb bells.

It’s been a slow journey re-entering the fitness world after having babies. For about a year, I’ve been back but only been in my comfort zones: yoga and Zumba. I love to stretch and I love to dance. While they’re both amazing workouts, I knew there was a facet of fitness I was avoiding: strength.

My core and upper back and shoulder muscles have taken a serious blow since becoming a mom. My pregnancies were the first to put the dents in my core muscles and back pain. And the nursing, rocking, maneuvering of car seats belts and stroller restraints has continued to beat up my body.

We spent three sessions focusinng on strength training as our movement segment. The routines enforced what I knew to be true about my strength (in)abilities. But it also pushed me to challenge my body in new ways. I could build my strength with equipment beyond the barbells (I’m scared of them). Changing stations, timed repetitions, and a variety of exercises and apparatus kept it interesting and exciting! And my muscles are finally waking up!

If you’re like the many of us who made resolutions this year to improve your health and take care of yourself, the Whole Body Reset is for you. Lauren walks you through each step of the process with positivity, humor, and knowledgeable guidance in making small changes for lasting lifestyle results. 

Do it for yourself. And trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. 

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Visit Blissfully Lively and get in touch with Lauren today! This next round of this program begins January 23rd at Seacoast Sports Club Portsmouth’s West End location.

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