The Magical Connection of Twins


There is a lot of talk about how twins have a magical connection that most of us roaming the earth just don’t understand. Up until about two and a half years ago I thought this was an old wives tale. It makeboys blog 2s sense twins would be close (I mean they literally grow  together) but a magical connection, I didn’t buy it. But today I’m here to say the connection is real and is indeed magical!

When our boys were younger around six months old, they were very fussy and couldn’t seem to get comfortable. The boys just wanted to be held, but holding and comforting two boys is no easy task. I put one of my sons oboys blog 3n a play mat on this belly and rubbed his back as I held my other son. The baby on the floor kept squirming and the baby in my arms kept leaning toward the floor, reaching for the baby on the play mat. I decided to try putting the son I was holding on the play mat next to his brother. They were both on their bellies and face-to-face. After squirming for a few moments, they both reached their hands towards each other, touched, and that’s was it! They were quiet, comfortable, and asleep. All they needed was each other. It was like magic!

More recently, one son was having a really hard time going to bed. We had tried multiple things for the poor guy and we just couldn’t seem to make him happy. The last thing I did, after two hours of trying to comfort him, was put him back in his crib, hug him, tell him he was safe and loved. But here’s the magic part; I picked up his brother and hugged him, told him the same thing but asked him to tell his brother that he was loved, safe, and his brother was right there for him. I walked out the room. I listened on the monitor and heard this little voice start to talk to his upset brother. He said a few sentences, most of it in baby babble. My crying son let out one more small whimper and then they both went to bed. Could it be timing, could he have worn himself out? Maybe? I choose to believe it’s the magic connection.

The older my twins get, the stronger the connection is becoming. I feel honored to watch the connection. There is nothing quite like watching brothers grow together from conception through life. We are lucky enough to have lots of magic running around our home.

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