Sarcastic Mommy: The Struggle is Real


I’m a sarcastic mommy. I complain about the struggle and overshare about my family’s less than stellar moments on social media. I do this partly because it’s who I am. I have always been a loud mouth and a sarcastic eye-roller. You want someone to rage against the man? I’m your woman.


Personality flaws aside, I’m a sarcastic mommy for another important reason.

[quote][typography font=”Chelsea Market” size=”30″ size_format=”px” color=”#875c87″]I do it for you, and here’s why.[/typography] [/quote]

In the world of social media, it’s easy to portray your life in an unrealistic light. Look at your Instagram feed. If you’re like me, it’s peppered with rosy-cheeked babes and sunny strolls in the woods. You know what I didn’t take pictures of? My daughter standing in a muddy puddle of pee, her fluorescent leggings, and baby Keens soaked and covered in mud. Nor did I post a picture of myself sweating and cursing, baby strapped to my chest, dog leash in hand. Later as I posted the images from our walk, I was still so vexed that I struggled to avoid any caustic commentary–and I felt like a fraud. The photos were perfect, but the experience was a nightmare.

social media never shows the struggle of real life

I’ve been the mommy stuck at home, struggling to just keep everyone alive. I’ve gone un-showered. My house is a mess. My baby is crying and my toddler is up to no good. Then there it is. One of my friends posts pictures of herself out and about. Her hair is done. Her clothes don’t show spit-up. Her children are smiling and well-behaved. I just know there are no toys on her floor, no spoiled food in her fridge. Being a mom can be isolating.

[quote][typography font=”Chelsea Market” size=”30″ size_format=”px” color=”#875c87″]It’s easy to look at your kids, your house, or your life and feel like you are the only one struggling. So I made the conscious decision to keep it real.[/typography] [/quote]

The benefits are two-fold. When I overshare and complain, my friend (whose toddler has been on a tear all day) comments, “What is it? A full moon”? At least, she knows she isn’t alone. There is nothing wrong with her child or her parenting. We are all suffering the same slings and arrows. But maybe, I made her laugh. Maybe, she was in tears and knowing that I share her frustrations lets her reach out. The other benefit is more self-serving. When I overshare and my friend complains, I breathe a little sigh of relief. I am not alone. This is really hard and I am not the only mommy struggling through today.