Winter Date Ideas: Restaurants with a Fireplace on the Seacoast


Restaurants with a fireplace on the Seacoast - wine and glass in front of fireWhat can make a chilly fall and winter feel so cozy? Answer: Dining by a radiant, warm fire at one of the restaurants with a fireplace on the Seacoast.

Its beautiful light and curling flames give a mood that says, “Come sit here, snuggle up and relaxxxxx.” Just writing this I can smell that distinct scent of a wood burning fire and see the soft glow of orange and red. Some of my most memorable evenings were on date night dining by the fireplace.

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s too easy to just stay in and be isolated.

Trust me, I am #kween of staying in, which is why I’m bookmarking my own post. 

But when your bed and pajamas are calling your name…
And it’s pitch black by 5 pm…
You’re one dark-n-stormy away from hibernation…

You take out this post and make a plan! 

Think of a friend or loved one, send them a text, make your plans (I LOVE using Open Table) and head out to one of these restaurants for a wonderful date night dining by the fireplace. 

And remember, “date night” can also happen during the day. I’ve had plenty of “day dates” with my husband and friends, and quite honestly, there’s something so fun about putting the baby down for nap, tip-toeing that sitter in and taking off! You get to feel the sun, enjoy a delicious lunch and sit by a fire that someone else maintains. Blissssss! 

If it’s on this list, I recommend it wholeheartedly! But could you please drop me at the front door? Because this mom doesn’t like walking far for dinner. Parking lot on site? So me. Valet? I’m in Heaven. Thankfully, all but one restaurant listed below has on-site parking, and Salt has valet. Yay! #DateNightWithGramma ??

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for restaurants with a fireplace on the Seacoast

Blue Moon Evolution
8 Clifford Street, Exeter 

Tuscan Kitchen
581 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth 

Library Restaurant 
401 State Street Portsmouth 

66 Marcy Street, Portsmouth 

287 Exeter Road, Hampton 

The Old Salt
490 Lafayette Road #9, Hampton 

Salt Kitchen and Bar  
588 Wentworth Road, New Castle 

Atlantic Grill
5 Pioneer Rd, Rye 

Three Chimneys Inn
17 Newmarket Road, Durham 

Last Burning Thoughts

When making reservations, always confirm the fire will be rolling when you get there and request specific seating near it. We know there are other Seacoast restaurants with fireplaces, so please leave a comment and tell us about them! We can’t wait to head out and try! Sending all of you a heartfelt thank you for reading and following on Facebook and Instagram. And a huge thank you to Seacoast Moms for this privilege of community and contribution. Stay warm out there!

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